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Started by Deprecated, October 02, 2008, 12:37:37 PM

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Thank you radu81. :) I've been away from the SMF business for quite some time, and now that I've returned my first order of business is to update all my mod packages. I'm putting the highest priority on those reported to have no problems, and if it works fine on 2.0.5 then it's likely to work fine on 2.0.6 too!

You can expect an official release of this mod package quite soon.


sorry for my bad english


Thanks for the info. I need this mod on my own forum too! I'll update it later today or tomorrow latest. It's now #1 on my TODO list! :)


Deprecated, could you add some screenshot to the mod page along with the update?
How about sharing a link to your forum?



Yes I have a screenshot, it's just that it fell off the image host due to age. I'll add the screen shots to a new image host, or re-shoot them if I can't find them. (I'm pretty good at backing up stuff so I prolly have them if I dig deep enough.)

I prefer to keep an isolation between forums I own and/or forums I administrate and SMF because they are not related and I see no reason to have them interact, and can think of a few reasons that I prefer them to not. It reminds me of the Jerry Seinfeld episode when he finds out two of his friends are seeing each other without him! :D

I'll go dig a bit and see if I can find those shots...


Here ya go:

To tell the truth, part of this doesn't make sense to me. I wrote it 4 years ago for an older version of SMF, some beta? There's no telling what features were or were not in that version that may have been implemented in later SMF.

I'll update it and probably change the fields around. I have to review the latest SMF and find out what shows in the post-bit by default, which you can enable, and which aren't there but some would want to be there.

One thing for sure, there are things from the profile that some forums want to include in the post-bit that you can't include there without a mod. I'll figure out which they are and add them in the new update.


Definitely interested in this being updated for 2.0.7, my users want this mod.


This shows updated on Sept 4 but nothing is listed as to what changes were made. Does anyone know?



This works great on 2.0.9 as well.  Thanks!


Thanks for the info. Funny, I installed it in my 2.0.9 but thought maybe 2.0.9 had just added the functionality to the base code. I'll go check the 2.0.9 compatibility box.

Works for you, works for me, must be a winner! :)

Thanks again for the report. With my work load I don't have the time to test every package with every new release.