Sullen Madness

Started by Gaia, April 07, 2006, 07:37:53 PM

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Link to the theme

A dark theme based off of the RC2 default SMF theme.

I have also attached a PSD file for the header if anyone would like to use that.


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Very nice theme, the colour combination works well. Do you have plans to make the buttons match the theme? It looks a bit unfinished with the default ones.



Thanks ^_^.

Which buttons do you mean?
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Wow nice theme. Good job! :)


Take a look at my SMF Themes - Click Here


Im using it here Gaia.   ;D


Nice, i'm glad you like it ^_^
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I love this theme  :) I've made some modifications to graphics and index.template.php and i think that it would be OK to share that with others ;) I've included gimp xcf files, so anybody could make a logo or rank image based on mine ;)

I think that Sullen Madness is the best theme out there, and my forum users like it too ;D


blotko, can we see your site live? ???



looks almost as nice as mine! ;D


Looks good, glad you like it ^_^.
Take a look at my SMF Themes - Click Here


Which font the psd is using..As I am not able to edit the psd header...?




Sorry about the late response.

Font used is Alien, link to it in my first post.

I won't be updating any of my themes until a final SMF version has been released.
Take a look at my SMF Themes - Click Here


Of all the themes, I really like this one.  I have it installed on my test SMF site:  before I implement it on a live site.

But I have a question...

I'd like the avatar in the user info section box to be automatically resized to smaller (50x50 or smaller) than what the avatars in posts would be displayed at (125x125).   How can I do this?

Thank you so much in advance!



I've gone on and integrated in my "live" site:

My next question is I would like to add 2 tabs to my menu:
Add HOME  <-- would link to the website's home page (not the forum's home page)
Change current HOME to FORUM HOME 
Add PHOTO GALLERY  <-- I have a bridged Coppermine Gallery I'd like to link.

Where and how would I go about doing this?

Thank you so much for a great theme!   :)


Any plans for 1.1.1? I would really like to use this theme! Looks awesome!


i saw a version for 1.1.1 with tinyportal over here:

I dont know if you have to have tp installed or not...


thanks Goad! I installed it and am pretty happy....

However I see this:

[copied from tiney portal]
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tportal_version() in /home/nej/public_html/forum/Sources/Load.php(1724) : eval()'d code on line 425

after installing the theme, I get this error at the very bottom.... is this bad?