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Midnight Mist

Started by Gaia, April 30, 2006, 04:18:31 AM

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Link to the theme

A dark bluish theme.

Works on v1.0.x and v1.1.x RC1. You can choose the correct file from the right.

This has not been tested on v1.1.x RC2.

Take a look at my SMF Themes - Click Here


This is a good theme. However in the 1.0.x download zip doesn't have the home,admin, so on and so forth buttons available. I am going to go into the folder and pull all the icons out that are on the viewer in order to get all of them.

I just thought I'd let you know. Great job otherwise :)


Yea I had some image location issues with some of my older themes when i was updating them, i'll try and update the file within the week, thanks.
Take a look at my SMF Themes - Click Here


Does it need to be updated for the new SMF Version?

Looks very nice!