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Graphic software

Started by sexzy3000, May 08, 2006, 12:03:56 PM

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What is the best graphic design software? I have heard good things about macromedia dreamweaver but I can't afford that , is there any good free programs out there that anyone knows of ? [nonactive]  A forum for the Costa Blanca


Dreamweaver isn't graphics software, it's a wysiwyg web editor and does indeed cost quite a bit.  The graphics program that Macromedia (who make dreamweaver) make is called Fireworks.

For your needs though (as in low cost) then I would recommend either Corel Paint Shop Pro X (used to be Jasc until Corel bought them), or for a completely free opensource image editor GIMP.  There are also earlier versions of Paint Shop Pro still available that may be an option.

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Thanks for that. I'll check them out. [nonactive]  A forum for the Costa Blanca