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[Theme] Apollo (SMF v1.0.5 - SMF v1.1RC2)

Started by bloc, July 05, 2004, 06:45:55 PM

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Thank you!

Maybe I don't have it uploaded correctly. It does not "sense" any other language files. It only gives me the option of English. I placed the settings.swedish.php file in the apollo language directory and the swedish images in the images directory in its own folder. Is that the correct way to do it?


I would put those in themes/default/languages instead.

That way it will be visible for ALL themes. I also think "catching" more languages automatically only work there..not in other themes language-folders. If you put any files in those, they will override default ones...but if default does not have one in the first place, I guess it won't work.


OK I am just not quite grasping this for some reason.

I have installed the apollo theme via the theme manager with no problem. The "language" files I downloaded for this theme are really just the buttons in each specific language.

Question 1
Where do the specific language graphics go? In the apollo images directory or the default images directory.

Question 2
The only php file I find for the languages is the Settings.language.php file. Where does this file go?

Question 3
Are there any other files I need and if so where do I find them?

Question 4
So far everything else has been easy to install via some kind of installer, is there no way to install languages easily as well?

Thanks for you help.



ah..I misunderstood you, I thought you were installing ALL the swedish language files. They should go in themes/default/languages. There are meny of them, and they can be downloaded in the download section on this site.


1. themes/apollo/images/swedish (create one if it isn't there)
2. themes/apollo/languages (create one if it isn't there)
3. as mentioned...probably ALL the other xxx.swedish.php files...put them in themes/default/languages (this folder should already be there)
4. No, not as I know of I am afraid.


OK, Now we're cookin'   :D

Thanks for your help!!



i just installed Apollo theme ad i like it!
However, how i can modify the template to see non-bold topic titles in the main screen?
I mean, currently apollo template:

last post titles are bold, i would have it non bold like in the old yabb theme


Open BoardIndex.template.php and find this code:

                                if (!empty($board['last_post']['id']))
                                        echo ' <a href="', $board['last_post']['href'], '">
                       <img border="0" vspace="3" hspace="5" alt="last post" src="' , $settings['images_url'] , '/post/xx.gif" align="left" /></a> ', $board['last_post']['time'], '<br />
                       <b>', $board['last_post']['link'], '</b> ', $txt[525], '
                       ', $board['last_post']['member']['link'];

Just remove the <b> and </b> around ', $board['last_post']['link'], ' there and the subjects will be in normal weight. :)



Hi, i'm using Apollo theme but it does not validate xhtml within  Does anyone know of an update for this theme or can it be modified?



Please post your question in the appropriate topic.

-Dan The Man


Really sorry .. real life is demanding my full attention .. will be back soon hopefully :)


I will try to adjust it so it validates. (the first theme I made actually :) )


Hi Bloc,
some users suggested they are missing the "previous/next post" links to the bottom of the post (like in the classic theme).
Currently Apollo display "previous/next" on top only:

Is this a change i can do by myself or should you think about these request on future versions?

Thank you  :)


I will add this. :) Going to update this theme shortly anyway.


Apollo is updated for both SMF 1.0.5 and 1.1beta3. They should also validate.

See first post for download links.


I just updated to the latest Apollo and i have 2 major problems.
First, i have missing images:

Second, once i'm logged in, the shrink/unshrink don't work anymore.


Which one did you install? the 1.0.5 or 1.1 version?


 :o sorry...i installed the 1.1 having SMF 1.0.5....i'll retry with the correct version... :o


Got a quick request.  Is there a way to make a shop and arcade button for this theme?  or are there already some(can I get the link to that if so)?