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WYSIWYG Quick Reply v2

Started by PaulpBaker, July 24, 2008, 03:18:45 PM

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ok, problem is here

getXMLDocument(smf_prepareScriptUrl(this.opt.sScriptUrl) + 'action=quotefast;quote=' + iMessageId + ';xml;pb=message;mode=' + (oEditorHandle_message.bRichTextEnabled ? 1 : 0), this.onQuoteReceived);


Any joy getting this to work?

I'm trying it with the Theme "SkyFall" but it doesn't appear above the Quick Reply box... :-/


How can i center quick reply box? Thanks ;D


Hi guys!

Is there any chance to disable 'Toggle view' by default? I like this mod but I want to have BBC code shown in message field instead, not smileys, bold, and italic fonts.


Sorry for double post.

I see what's the problem. I have installed theme and Croatian language. In admin panel - theme settings - member options there is no option for non-wysiwyg. In other themes, that option is there.

What file should I edit, and which code I should insert?

Edit: Found it ;D I had one extra blank line in Settings.template.php.

Anyway, thanks for this great mod! 8)


February 13, 2017, 04:22:03 PM #626 Last Edit: February 13, 2017, 04:42:05 PM by brynn
Hi Friends,
I've just had this installed on my 2.13 2.0.13 version SMF with Tiny Portal (and a lot of other mods)  It seems to be working properly, but I'm a little confused with a couple of things.  (Didn't see this mentioned in last couple of pages, but didn't read the entire 30-something page topic.  But I have read as much documentation as I can find.)

In the dropdown menu where you can choose which configuration you want, there are a couple of blank options.  Do those have any significance?  Or are they just for making it easier to read?

I don't quite understand what the option "WYSIWYG only" is.  How is it different from "non-WYSIWYG (Standard)"?

The problem is probably because I'm not understanding the context for wysiwyg.  I consider the full editor to be wysiwyg, and originally had my forum set up to use it.  That's because I thought non-wysiwyg would be a plain text editor, like NotePad or plain text email.

So then I learned that wysywyg in this case (as far as I can tell) automatically applies whatever bbcode button you clicked.  So instead of putting the bold tags with your text in between, it makes the text automatically bold and without any tags.  But I discovered there were some problems with it, and when I reported it, I was advised it was broken and they were hoping to fix it by version 2.0, and to disable it until then.  And ever since I've disabled it, things have been fine.

But now that I see the options for this Quick Reply mod, I don't understand how it can be wysiwyg, even in this context, if the buttons aren't there.  Yes, I know there's an option that provides the buttons.  But I'm just curious how it can be wysiwyg in this context without the buttons.

The option I was really hoping for probably isn't there, which is bbcode buttons only.  I was hoping that might be what wysiwyg only meant, but it doesn't seem to be.  But I'm still curious how it's different from non-wysiwyg standard option, in case I'm missing something.

Thank you very much for comments.  And thank you very much for making the mod too!

All best,
Inkscape Community  (SMF with Tiny Portal)

Inkscape for Cutting Design  (originally a phpBB forum, converted to SMF, and using Simple Portal)


Well, I guess my question isn't worth answering, or too hard maybe.  Don't worry about it.

But I do want to report that it's not possible to stretch the text field.  I see that the area where you put the mouse, is in the center of the bottom edge.  But it just won't drag.  Every time I try, I end up highlighting the tiny space between the Post button and the Preview button.

And for a feature request - Would it be possible to add an option for buttons only and no smileys?

Thank you very much,

Inkscape Community  (SMF with Tiny Portal)

Inkscape for Cutting Design  (originally a phpBB forum, converted to SMF, and using Simple Portal)


How can I fix this?

I disabled the val. in server setting and the error message changed to the following image:


Worked with 2.0.15 without editing..it failed the tests for core theme but installed fine on the Curve variation theme that I am using, Siyah_V4


I am getting a few Errors
WYSIWYG Quick Reply reply 1 and WYSIWYG Quick Reply 5
The log is showing up these two errors and they are both the same line (For me) 1547

<option value="'.$i.'"', ($i == $j ? ' selected="selected"' : ''), '>', $txt['wysiwyg_quick_reply'.$i],'</option>';

Nothing that I actually see but shows up in the error log.

SMF 2.0.18 / Blackjack theme / WYSIWYG Quick Reply 2.3