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[SMF Converter] vBulletin 3.6

Started by JayBachatero, February 22, 2007, 12:15:14 PM

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Software: vBulletin
Version: 3.6.x

This is the initial import for the vBulletin 3.6 converter.  There are some known issues at the moment.
Known Issues
- Permissions for boards are not converted.
- Membergorups are not converted.
- Avatars are not coppied over.

I'll be looking into fixing these issues soon.

! initial import
! At times ID_PARENT was wrong for boards.

Use this convert.php with the .sql file attached in this topic. 
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sorry but I will upload the convert.php file then run it

what to do with the .sql file and where to put it?


You put it in the same place as the convert.php file.
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I want to know when you will be fixing those issues.

Please reply fast.

and second thing i want to know -

As its written in the converter instruction manual

(For best results, you should install SMF on the same database as the forum you're converting from. If this is not possible, you will need to make sure that the MySQL user account being used for SMF has access to the other forum's database)

But if i install it in the same database then i think it may create problems. hows that possible please explain.


Please reply urgent.


You create a new table  prefix when you install smf. So your vbulliten will hopfully be a diffrent prefix and smf leave default as Smf_


how i can convert whith convert.php and the .sql??..



To convert your forum using convert.php  and sql file

Check this link-


in the future will this convert support VBB was intall on a different database?

is it normal /convert.php?step=1   for the convert stay at step 1 for ever? [nofollow]



There is no attachment on this thread where can I find the attachment for 3.6.x converter




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Ok Im confused. I click on the convert.php link and it sends me to a thread with a whole bunch of updates. I find the vbulletin 3.6.xx converter I click it and it takes me back to this thread. Where is the convert.php???

Another thing is I found a convert.php at the bottom of the page. I downloaded it and when I go to run it, it tells me that it conveted everthing except the smilies

It gives me this message

Converting smilies   Unsucessfull

HxC H4cker

Would you happen to know when the permission thing will be fixed? I converted a few days ago and something went wrong and the Admins couldn't see anything on the board, the worst part is it is impossible to my understanding to edit Admin Permissions.

Another thing like the person above stated, when I try to convert the smilies it always [nonactive] I doing something wrong?




Does this work fine with 3.6.8? (besides the issues in the first post)

I heard there were somewhat major changes in vB 3.6.8


Still cant find convert.php for 3.6.x

Edit: Nevermind found it.



Very Good Tools.....No problem with the converter...Thanks...!!!


Quote from: kara26 on September 26, 2007, 05:33:14 AM
No. It dont work with vb 3.6.8 :(

Actually, it does! I got it to work! You just have to use "Find and repair any errors." under forum maintenance after the conversion. You will also have to reorganize and categorize your boards, but it seems like almost everything that should convert does convert! Even reputation converts to karma!

If you're getting "Select command denied to user" or something like that, then see the following topic...


* JayBachatero is going to have to take a look at vB and update the converter.  I'm pretty sure the changes in 3.6.x are not so big since they are minor upgrades i.e. 3.6.1 to 3.6.2.  Big changes happen in 3.6 to 3.7.
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