How Much $ Will A Custom Theme Cost?

Started by Compton, May 29, 2007, 06:21:22 AM

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Hello all,

My name is Compton and I am an admin of a website that has a SMf forum.  I would love for my forum to be made to more closely resemble the rest of the site.  I was wondering how much people usually do custom themes for.  Or if you are willing to help just let me know.

Here is my website.

And here is the forum.

Thanks guys,


Sorry for the extra post...

I am not looking for a complete overhall.  I have a banner that I use.  I would just like the rest of my theme to follow that banner.  I am not sure but it could be as easy as just switching the images in the template.


you probably want to go with a similar dark style/theme like your main page tho right?? I can help you out.


Y dont u check wentechnica[dot]net . the author of SoftMC theme.
He customisd themes for 100 $



Quote from: kat on June 03, 2007, 03:09:14 PM
You main site looks quite like the "Cerberus" theme, to me.

Thank you very much!!  This is a great temporary fix while I look for a more perminent option.


Feel free to request a custom theme at We offer some incredible themes ;)


For the record,

if you post in the Help Wanted (not for support) board, then when someone sees it, they'll give you a quote thats unique to your requirements, the theme is also unique to you.

You can also download from the theme site and install it via your admin center. These themes are all free to use, you'll have to edit them maybe to suit your needs or you can pay someone to modify it to your needs too. :P (or you can just leave it as it is :P)

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