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Started by Matthew K., July 16, 2007, 01:07:24 PM

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nvm I fixed it there was a ; exceded thats why i am having a template parse error i just removed it and put back the bookmarks codes that i removed and put ?> at the end of its line and it showed up now its working perfectly. thank you very much for the help. :)


Works fine.


plz people i have a problem here... i've installed the mod and the installation was just perfect , but when i went to check it , i didn't find the buttons of the mod neither in the toics nor "my bookmarks" at the top bar .... i think i know the cause , that is i'm using a different theme for my forum which is "New Damage"...I tested the mod with the default SMF theme and it worked just fine

my forum theme can be found here:

and it's demo here :;theme=4

Just can anyone tell me how can i make the theme display the new buttons both in the topics and in the top bar??? i think i should add them but don't know how ???

Hope you can help me or refer me to a topic or something ,

Thanks a bunch!


thanks a zillion TrueSatan...i read the topics and it was useful , but after i apply this , should i design new buttons to incorporate them into their respective bars , i mean to maintain the same look of the forum theme? and how i link to them???
thanks again and hope you can help me


If you want to maintain aesthetics then new buttons are likely to be needed (I'm sure there's a automatic button generator somewhere on the theme related pages here.)

I suspect that you'd be better looking in theme support for this sort of advice though...not really my area (actually I only use one's called SMF Default and everything installs into it without a hitch.)


how easy would it be to get this mod to say if there was new replies to a bookmark? Its an awesome mod, very needed on my forum, and that would be the only missing feature I think.


Good request! It'll mean some extra code, but that's definitely worth it. I'll put it on my todo list.


I get this error :

Quote3.     Execute Modification     ./Themes/default/index.template.php     Test failed

I have installed :

SMFShop 3.0
SMF Shoutbox      1.16
Users Online Today Mod      1.4.0
SMF Links      1.6.3
PM On Registration      1.0.2
Googlebot & Spiders Mod      2.0.3
Ad Managment      2.3
Global Announcements      1.0
SMF Trader System      1.1
Member Color Link      2.0.0

And i am using SMF 1.1.3 .


Aaron, may I ask what is the difference between this and the other bookmark mod?


The one by LeipePo, you mean? Sure, I'll try to describe why I felt it necessary to make my own mod instead of adapting his.

  • It uses less queries:

    • It uses an INNER JOIN to get topic subjects, not another query per topic.
    • It actually deletes bookmarks when deleting a topic, instead of checking if topics have been deleted when viewing your bookmarks.
  • Its templates look neater:

    • The windowbg and windowbg2 classes are used for odd/even rows.
    • The templates use the comma-operator instead of the dot-operator wherever possible. This boosts performance.
  • It also has a Dutch translation. :P
That's about it. :)


Thanks for that.
I'm currently using a modified version of LeipePo's which I posted in thats mods bookmark topic.

I just wondered whether you had taken over that modification.


Actually I'm still supporting LeipePo's harm in giving choice to users...and have a newer revision of it available via SMF Helper. LeipePo posted allowing his mod to be taken over and I've credited karlbenson in the read me for the additional code revision he provided (thanks again Karl.)

If the revised version continues to lack any reports of problems (so far zero) I'll ask SMF to let me take it over formally.


No worries truesatan.

I'm glad you've been able to take it over.  Btw, don't feel you need to credit me.

Best of luck with both bookmark mods. (maybe with improvements and expansions of both, they may end up differing quite a bit, and smf much the better for it).


I Love this mod but I noticed it's available if I enter my forum as a guest and I would prefer a visitor register first before having access to that. Is there any way to change it so it's only available for registered users? Thanks.

jEFF =)


Quote from: jeffest123 on July 26, 2007, 04:37:06 PM
I Love this mod but I noticed it's available if I enter my forum as a guest and I would prefer a visitor register first before having access to that. Is there any way to change it so it's only available for registered users? Thanks.

Now that is a big oops. Will fix that immediately.


Very cool, thanks.  :)


Alright, made a quick fix for it. You can download it from this page.

Any bookmarks guests may have added can be removed by running the following query in PHPMyAdmin:
DELETE FROM `smf_bookmarks` WHERE `ID_MEMBER` = 0

Note that you'll need to replace "smf_" with the forum table prefix you're using.

I apologize for any inconvenience this bug may have caused.


Thanks for the quick fix. I'm still building my forum so no active members besides myself yet. One thing though, instead of a message, is there any way to simply not have the tag visible for guests? I suppose I could live with it as is though since it would encourage guests to register, but having it there is kind of a tease. Either way is fine - it's a great feature.

jEFF =)


Open index.template.php and find:

'bookmark' => array('text' => 'bookmark_add', 'lang' => true, 'url' => $scripturl . '?action=bookmarks;sa=add;topic=' . $context['current_topic']),

Replace that line with:

'bookmark' => array('text' => 'bookmark_add', 'test' => 'edit_profile', 'lang' => true, 'url' => $scripturl . '?action=bookmarks;sa=add;topic=' . $context['current_topic']),

That should hide the button for members who don't have permission to edit their profiles.

Note: I'm planning to include a real permission (something like can_manage_bookmarks) in the next version (1.1). So then you have more control over which membergroups can and which membergroups cannot add bookmarks. :) As I plan to make that sometime this week, I didn't include the fix mentioned above in version 1.0.1. :)