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what portals are integrated with smf?

Started by jmiller, December 08, 2004, 09:02:00 AM

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hey i have a very active forum using smf and i would like to expand the forum into a portal with the smf forum, my question is what all portals out there can i take my members on the smf forum and have them on the portal as well as registered users. So like when you login to the portal you can use the same login for the forum so you can have access to submitting news,pics,articles ect so the members wont have to register on the forum and then register on the portal twice.

i know mambo is able to be integrated but i was wondering if any others are and if mambos the only one can you point me to a how to on integrating the two, thanks

ive seen this list but not sure if they do what i want with members being used in both portal and forum