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Important Customization Information


This topic contains links to many other important documents useful to customization authors as well as regular users.

General information

 - From the most basic information on SSI to the most advance, learn about the built in SSI feature in SMF.
* Functionality requests for SSI in the next version of SMF
 - Let the developers know what SSI (Server Side Includes) functions you would like to see in the next major release of SMF!
* Manual Installation of Mods
 - Learn how to manually install a modification for your forum
All your Customization questions and answers

* ReadMe: Graphics and Themes - Important
 - Looking for something Graphics or Theme related?
* Package SDK, anyone?
 - Get ahold of the Software Development Kit for the Simple Machine's Package Manager and start creating your own customizations.
* SMF Coding Guidelines
 - Follow these guidelines when writing a mod. This will help speed up the process of a customization being approved.
* Mod Authors: Customization Approval Guidelines
 - Some of the basic guidelines the Customize team looks for when approving customizations.
* Why does my customization (mod/theme) take so long to be reviewed?
 - Quick explanation of why a customization can sometimes take a decent amount of time to be approved.
* Mods seeking new developers
 - Want to start customizing but don't want to start from scratch? These authors are handing over their customizations to those willing to maintain them.
* SMF 2.0 Database Functions
 - Very useful detailed information about the $smcFunc functions that exist in SMF 2.0
* Changes in SMF 2.0
 - A brief overview of what has changed in the source for customization authors to know when creating Mods or Themes.
* Adding Permissions in SMF 2.0
 - A guide to adding new permissions into SMF 2.0 when creating new Mods.
* Adding new modification settings in SMF 2.0
 - A guide to expanding the admin panel for SMF 2.0.
* Package SDK: modification.xml
 - Information on usage of a modification.xml file in a mod package.
* Package SDK: package-info.xml
 - Information on usage of a package-info.xml file in a mod package.
* What happens to mod data when a mod is uninstalled ?
 - Where to look for mod data when you come to uninstall it.
* Licensing Your Customizations
 - Choose a suitable license for your Customizations.

* Use FireFox, FireBug and FirePHP to mod SMF
 - Learn to speed up your modification development process.


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