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Theme Contest Results

Started by David, December 31, 2004, 01:39:15 PM

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The winners are in!

After much deliberation, we have decided to award the following prizes to the entrants in the theme contest:

  - Bloc: first place (first place in public vote.)
  - Mystica: second place (tied for second place in public vote.)
  - Babylonking: third place (tied for second place in public vote.)
  - Wissi: first runner-up (third place in public vote.)
  - KIKA: second runner-up.
  - Golden_Helmet: third runner-up.

Thanks again to all those who participated in the theme contest, and thanks to all of you for cheering them on and helping us decide in the public vote!  This was a hard judgement to make, because the themes entered were all full of hard work.  We only hope that, in the future, should we hold another contest, that we can have more entrants participate.

The themes should be available for download shortly.
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Well done alll

Well done to Bloc for making that one step further.

And thank you all from my members for advancing my forum for them, your all great!


Congratulation to all participants !!


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Congrats Bloc, and well done to everyone who entered.


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Congratulation to all who entered the contest. You all did a nice job! Congrats Bloc for winning!
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Congratulations ;D

I'm looking forward to the day it gets available for everybody ;D
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Congratulations to all and thanks for making our lives a little more colorful!

Tee ::)
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Thank you all for the support - I am thrilled to be awarded first prize! :)

May I also send congrats to Mystica and BabylonKing , who made some awesome themes for the contest , not to mention everyone who participated. It was fun, and hopefully can be repeated some time. ;)


Quote from: David on December 31, 2004, 01:39:15 PM
We only hope that, in the future, should we hold another contest, that we can have more entrants participate.

If there is a next time, you can count on me.
I did not participate in this theme contest because I underestimated myself; I think many people here feel the same.
We always think we cannot make it, but in fact, it would have been as good if not better.

So thumbs up to the participants, congrats Bloc! ;D


Good work to all who participated and to those who won ;)

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thanks :) second place is much more than i expected!
and big congrats to bloc (for a really well deserved first prize!) and babylonking and all who entered the contest.
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Well done to every entrant and especially Bloc for being awarded 1st Prize
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congrats eveeryone...
now which ones will be packed with SMF?


the theme creators and team are working on getting the themes 1.0 ready and for release. not sure if they'll end up in the package though.
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Most of the themes from the contest are already available (Puzzle, Loon, various themes from Bloc, etc.). I will have to talk to babylonking and see if he plans to release the theme that he entered in the contest...
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