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Started by testingtimes, March 29, 2008, 02:09:25 PM

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I read there is only one theme, yet an earlier posting talks about a babylon theme.
Can some one please confirm what is available if we use the download and is there an example of it to see.

I know colours are personal but I cannot stand the dirty blue colour of the theme I see here and just hope it is not the only option in V2.0.

I guess css changes will not alter it much if the blue is made by images?



If you look on the Theme site and search under 2.0 you will find what themes are available

theme site search

Scroll down this list and you will see which ones are compatible with 2.0


You have all three 'core' themes (Default, Babylon, Classic) with SMF 2.0 3 Public, FYI.
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