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Theme Contest Winners!

Started by Gary, May 06, 2008, 04:45:50 PM

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The voting for theme contest has now closed, and the results have been calculated.

First, we would like to thank all participants who entered the theme contest, we saw some good themes and hope to see more themes from everyone in the future.

The top three themes in reverse order are:

3rd Place: Fussilet MC by Fussilet
Prize: Your choice of book from O'Reilly.

2nd Place: Orangeline by crip
Prize: Featured Theme Rotation and your choice of book from O'Reilly

and the winner is

kelo-lt by padexx

Congratulations, you've earned yourself a free Charter Membership, the theme has been entered into the Featured Theme Rotation and your choice of book from O'Reilly.

For the books, RickC will be contacting winners shortly with further details.

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Congrats to all, Kelo-lT and Orangeline have now been added to the theme rotation!!
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Congratulations to all involved
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Congratulations to padex....
Congratulations to  Crip...
Congratulations to All :))


Well done Panic - You truly deserve the win!
Colin B
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Opinion already said about these themes... :(

Congratulations to the winners.
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Congrats to all winners and commiserations to all participants who didn't win prizes.
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Very nice themes. Congrats to all.


Hopefully we can get a similar competition for Mods started ;)



Hard to pick between those top three.


Congratulations to all of you.

Quote from: karlbenson on May 06, 2008, 07:35:32 PM
Hopefully we can get a similar competition for Mods started ;)

I really good idea Karl.
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Congrats panic. :)
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husmen73 (Gulhin)

Congratulations to all. see you next contest :)
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Thanks to everyone who voted for kelo-lt!

And I want to thank all the other theme authors which contributed their work and hopefully will continuously release great themes in the future! It was nice to see the theme repository getting filled with so many nice themes.



(prices will be shared between me and Andrew ;))

Inside Sin

Congratulations guys, i agree with the winners, i think it was well voted.


Congratulations to winners!
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Congrats to everyone! Especially well done to the winners. I don't think from the themes I have seen entered into this competition there is any losers because all the themes are excellent.

A mod competition now would be awesome!