Examples of Mambo <-> SMF Bridge in use...

Started by Kindred, January 20, 2005, 12:50:38 PM

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http://3d-wip.org [nofollow]





Mambo + SMF + Zoom Gallery

All the best


I'm still fixing all the graphics on the forum and gallery, but here is my site at the moment.

hxxp:satelliteyouth.com [nonactive]

Mambo + SMF + Coppermine
hxxp:www.satelliteyouth.com [nonactive]

Herman's Mixen

mambo/smf with cowboys bridge

Met vriendelijke groet, The Burglar!

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Omega X

Boston Freelancer Server


- Original MOS-SMF Bridge v3.14
- SMF Unwrapped
-Conversion from PHP-Nuke+PHPbb


Unwrapped SMF 1.0.2 and Mambo 4.5.1


Will be upgrading soon so watch out!!!  ;D


My relatively new site uses Mambo 4.5.2, bridged with SMF 1.0.3 (wrapped).
Now using Joomla 1.0.5, bridged with SMF 1.1 RC2 (wrapped) using the Orstio 3.20 bridge.

You can see it at http://www.cache-community.co.uk.

There are still a few bugs I need to iron out, which is taking me a long time as I only really know a little HTML (no php), although hopefully most of these will be sorted when SMF 1.1 goes public (I can't wait!).


Louipimps has made the leap of faith to Mambo + SMF + Coppermine + Flashchat
Check it out. Work in progress. Suggestions welcome.


J. S.

URL: www.artdust.ro

SMF 1.0.3 & MAMBO & zOOm Media Gallery 2.5 beta
Bridge MOS_SMF_BRIDGEv3.16stable
Translation for all these things into romanian made by myself.


Here's a few more:



http://www.runninghorses.net  (I really like how this person modded the login module to fit in at the top)


I am using the Orstio bridge with SMF (Hi-Ha theme) un-wrapped.

PC Help Forum.com
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Mambo 4.5.2 + SMF 1.0.4 wrapped
MOS_SMF_BRIDGEv3.17stable (used discussbot, recent topics, online2)

old site used PostNuke .7x + PNphpBB. was able to convert PNphpBB to SMF but didn't convert the PN content.

I may integrate Coppermine in the near future and try to create my own theme when I have some time or stop procrastinating  :D
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SMF 1.0.4
Bridge mos_smf 3.17

Our site has been around for a long time, nearly ten years now.  We switched to Mambo about 14 months ago and it was a great improvement.  Our first forum/interactive galleries were Agora.  From there, we went to phpBB.  Then when we went to Mambo, we also transitionned to Simpleboard forum.

Simpleboard proved to be taxed beyond it's abilities with 2,500++ users, of which 1,500 visit daily.  The fora/galleries are really meant for our members to exchange, post and discuss photos of their bonsai trees.  Thanks to everyone who help with converting our 15,000 posts from simpleboard to SMF :)

We had a bit of a facelift for the mambo template as we went to the SMF forum.  We're quite happy with the (wrapped) integration.  That was actually a breeze.  We were really worried before hand about making it happen, but quite frankly, the only glitches we encountered had to do with converting posts :)

Comments very much welcome :)
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@vavroom i can't see where the forum is :o there is no link on your page,

Ok i have made recently the twin design of my site so now i have 2 similar (with different contents)

http://www.linux-globe.com (opened yesterday, so it still qute empty)

http://www.siemens-mobiles.org (my first one, opened about 8 months ago)

Both are using latest mambo with latest cowboy Bridge though siemens-mobiles.org is still with 1.0.3

any suggestion about the sites are welcomed, thx guys
Siemens-mobiles.org Visit it and you won't regret it :D


** This site no longer functions. **

The Azeroth Irregulars World of Warcraft Guild Halls, our improved site design site on a new ISP's servers (link in footer. Still in heavy design mode, mostly content and aesthetics. All software seems to be playing well together with only a few minor bugs yet to swat, but none of them site-breaking.

Software currently integrated: Mambo 4.5.3, SMF 1.1b3, Coppermine 1.3.3. Stop by and visit sometime and leave a post on our forums with feedback, suggestions for the site.

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hxxp:www.lost-company.info/ [nonactive] a german mmorpg guild for Vanguard.

Site ist pretty fresh, don't expect any useful content :D