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Examples of Mambo <-> SMF Bridge in use...

Started by Kindred, January 20, 2005, 12:50:38 PM

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YES, I know this thread is SERIOUSLY outdated....   over the next week or so, I will compile a list of updates that work with the new bridge and the new version of mambo

So, as requested, I have made a compiled list of all exmpales presented so far...
Please only post examples in this thread. Questions and comments should be made in separate threads, to keep this one clean and easy to search!

First, the different software that is being used...

Mambo: (current version |

SMF: (current version 1.0.4)  This site...

Coppermine Picture Gallery (CPG): (current version 1.3.6)  (integrated with SMF)
Gallery:   (integrated with Mambo)
AkoGallery: (mambo component)
Zoom Gallery:  (integrated with Mambo)

SigmaChat: (current version 7.4) 
MOSchat: (mambo component)
jChatIRC: (current version 2.6.3)
FlashChat: (current version 4.0.12)   ($5)
x7Chat: (current version 2.0)
PJIRC: (current version 2.1.1)

Document/File Download Managers:
DocMan (mambo component)
Remository (mambo component)

And now the examples!!

Orstio:  Mambo (BlueDot template), SMF, Coppermine, SigmaChat

Ygriega:  Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, (unknown version of Java-based Chat)

Kris: Mambo, SMF, Zom Gallery, DocMan

Oldiesman: Mambo, SMF     (CURRENTLY DOWN)

Marcnyc:  Mambo (with Community Builder), SMF, PHPList
(Marcnyc's tutorial for using Mambo features in non-mambo pages can be found at:

Dylan Malone: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, JChat

Nephilim: Mambo, SMF, FlashChat

BrandonMiller: Mambo, SMF, Gallery

tjay: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, mosPJIRC

xenovanis: Mambo, SMF, AkoGallery (mambo component), MOSchat (mambo component), DocMan (mambo component)

EliteRides: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, EverywhereChat
(user: test - pw: test)

idigital: Mambo, SMF (RC2 - multiple themes in each) [2.1 bridge]

goosemoose: Mambo, SMF  (multiple forums), Coppermine

Kindred: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, FlashChat
-> (currently in test)

Janner: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine
Janner: Mambo, SMF, Gallery

Slack: Mambo, SMF, Zoom Gallery

locatorr: Mambo, SMF

Damienov: Mambo, SMF

Norphy: Mambo, SMF, mosPJIRC

nomatter: Mambo, SMF (unwrapped), DocMan (mambo component)

chadness: Mambo, SMF

jorgen: Mambo, SMF

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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My site [nonactive]

Based on:
Mambo + SMF (unwrapped) + Gallery (wrapped) + DOCman + Events

Lay-out has to be reworked in order to get all components (Gallery and SMF) wrapped properly in Mambo. Untill then, SMF stays unwrapped.



Mambo = SMF (unwrapped) = Gallery (unwrapped), smf is in the menu under interactief ;)



Mambo 4.5.1, Wrapped SMF and Bridge (latest versions), AWESOM (com_awesom_0_3_2fixed), Events Calendar (mod_events_cal v1.8 ), PayPal (mod_paypal 1.1 ), and Google Ads (mod_sw_ads 1.01).

DAB Empire

QuoteEliteRides: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, EverywhereChat
(user: test - pw: test)

I also have two other domains set up.  Both with Mambo + SMF.  One also has EverywhereChat and Coppermine bridged too.

RadioGrind: Mambo, SMF

VIPnights: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, EverywhereChat


Our test site: [nonactive] now features the following:

Mambo 4.5.1b + SMF 1.0.1(integrated). + Bridge 2.2 + discussbot

I have "greyed-out" the default template and had to make some modifications to some of the template source to suit the integration.  Your comments would be greatly appreciated (you can post comments directly to the forum at [nonactive] - public posting is enabled there).



First I would like to thank Unknown,  Orstio, the Mambo guys and everyone else involved in creating these two excellent products and for bringing them together.

Here is my site based on a Mambo and SMF integration:
The #1 Community for the BMW E90 3-series [nofollow]


Mambo 4.5.1a + SMF 1.0.1(unwrapped) using Bridge 2.2

Project: ODST
Mambo 4.5.1a + SMF 1.0.1(unwrapped) using Bridge 2.2 [nonactive]


Checkout my test site Its a Mambo-SMF-Coppermine site using bridge v2.2 (still waiting for MOS-Chat 1.5).
I m using kindred WinterLoon theme pack for mambo & smf.

Production site now successfully implemented with Mambo, SMF 1.0.2 and bridge 3.02. All minor problems solved thanks to Orstio, Kindred and others...

Please visit :
--:: .... ::--
Checkin' SMF from time to time



Here is my website: [nofollow]

Mambo v4.5.1a + SMF v1.0.1 (Wrapped) + SMF Bridge v2.2 + Gallery v1.4.4 + AkoBook v3.42

- Pav


I've now got my live forum on Mambo/SMF

WeenieCampbell: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, Zoom Gallery and some other modules


Guess its my turn.  The forum is unwrapped.  It would have been wrapped if not for all my IE users on the site.  The template Im using is not very forgiving in IE.


I've got a hardware news & reviews site - BCCHardware We are currently running Mambo and SMF 1.0.2, and the latest bridge from Orstio.  The forum is wrapped, but can be viewed separately at  We have also incorporated the "gallery" in our reviews.  Currently there is a issue in IE, where the login username and password filed in the login module "break out" of the module.  We are working on fixing this bit of code.  In Firefox it looks fine.


My latest site, which started as a testarea, but as I installed some games suddenly some users registered:

AkoBook (mambocomponent)
MamboFlashGames (mambocomponent), Random Game (mambomodule)
=> MamboFlashGames requires some minor hacking in mambo's index.php to save all the highscores
SMF (Wrapped)
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OK, mine: [nofollow]

I'm late?
Might be, but what I showed is a utf-8 website. :)

Well, you'd better know some Chinese.


here is mine.. SEF turned off as I can't figure it with the 3.01 upgrade.. [nofollow]

mambo + smf + bridge

Thinking of integrating a gallery, looking into which one atm.



i am sorry, mambo wasnt good enough anymore...

smf 1.0.2 + smf arcade1.0.3. + mk 0.6.1. ->

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