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MKportal: A little hack --> Portal news taken by forum!

Started by Treviño, February 08, 2005, 04:38:51 PM

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Hello, waiting for the mkportal M6, wich will allow to import news from thread, I've done a little hack to my MKportal wich lets you add simply the news in the portal, importing them from the forum.
You need to use (and, if you want, configure) your SSI.php file, and then to make this little modification to the news.php page that you can find in the mkportal\blocks dir.

I think you can add this code in every line you want (between the <? ?>) of your news.php file (i've found this hack without any php knowledge)

Anyway I've added it after this code and it works greatly!


$content = "<tr><td id=\"contents\">";
$content .= $output;
$content .= "</td></tr>";


$content=implode("", file("http://url.ext/forum/SSI.php?ssi_function=boardNews"));

Bye, bye! :D