SMF 2.0 Release Candidate 2 is out for Charter Members!

Started by Aaron, October 03, 2009, 05:39:28 PM

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Simple Machines is proud to announce the immediate release of SMF 2.0 RC2 to Charter Members. This is the long awaited Second Release Candidate for 2.0 and is one of the last steps towards 2.0 going gold. Literally hundreds of bugs that were reported after the release of RC1 have been fixed and improvements have been made to security, stability, and performance.

As promised, 2.0 RC2 boasts our new Curve theme, which has been made the new default theme. The previous default theme has been renamed Core. Please note Classic and Babylon themes have been removed from the package and are now only available by the theme site.

Major changes since the last release:

  • Inclusion of the Curve theme
  • Fixed a significant number of bugs reported by Beta Testers, Charter members, and community members.
  • Optimized hundreds of queries for faster performance (with new indexes, re-written queries etc, changes to column type)
  • Canonical link support for better search engine indexing
  • Feature: ability to have different readmes in packages for different languages
  • Feature: ability to delete languages (oops! we forgot that earlier)
  • Linktrees have been re-added to the lower-areas of the forum. Also, linktrees have been added to the admin, moderation and profile sections.
  • Lighttpd support for Queryless urls
  • Improved support for right to left languages
  • Fixed OpenID
  • Extra fields to for Advanced Profile fields to surround/enclose within other text, and to choose placement as icon or signature.
  • Several theme improvements for better semantics and standards support.
  • Moved more JS out of templates
  • Wireless links to switch back to normal mode.

Simple Machines would like to thank its Charter Members for their continued support for SMF.


Simple Machines


Yes, hurray! :D
Colin B
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* Fustrate throws things at Aaron
Steven Hoffman
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It's out there on the d/l page for team and charter AFAICT.

Congratulations :D

Marcus Forsberg


Quote from: Nas on October 03, 2009, 05:59:02 PM
:D :D :D :D

Quote from: Fustrate on October 03, 2009, 05:52:09 PM
* Fustrate throws things at Aaron

* Nas throws Fustrate at Aaron
* Fustrate flies towards Aaron at supersonic speeds

Blazing fast, just like SMF :)
Steven Hoffman
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Well since it's been released I suppose it must be ready then. Now everyone can stop asking. :D


* Arantor hauls everyone off Aaron so he can get the announcement out without distractions :D

Marcus Forsberg


This topic wasn't in News & Updates when I first tried to post it :P

Great news though, whatever way you slice it.


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Tristan Perry

This update has been worked on so much by all the SMF team, is great to see it released :)

Well done to the team.


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Congratulations to not only the developers, but our beta testers, team members and community members for reporting all those bugs :)
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Now I may not be a Charter Member, but this is definitely good news! Yay! :D
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Can't wait to download it  :P What's a usual time for a RC to be available to download by regular members?


Steven Hoffman
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Yay, finally it's officially out! Congratulates developets!
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