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Flickr Profile Field

Started by Mick., April 25, 2010, 01:09:23 PM

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Flickr profile field.   Users can add their Flickr account name in their SMF profile. An icon will be created in the post profile, profile, members list, who's online.  When clicking the icon, they will be redirected to their Flickr personal page.

*1.0 Initial Release



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I just tried to install this on SMF2.0RC5 and got the message "The package you are trying to download or install is either corrupt or not compatible with this version of SMF."

does it work with rc5? (other rc4 mods have installed just fine).


I attempted to add this mod but when I go to make file edits, I cant find the code in the sources/sub-members.php, my notepad++ isn't picking it up..


Im having issues with this mod, im attempting to make edits, but my notepad++ cant find those edits..


Some examples might be useful, Cheesy...

Installing, in the normal way, is giving errors? What are they, exactly?


Yea but the prob is that my notepad++ isnt finding the codes from these failed tests..


That's prolly you're using a custom theme that has its own profile.template.php? It should install correctly on a default theme without any edits whatsoever.


So with my custom theme, can I ignore the failed test or will it cause a parse error?


Anyone's answer will be greatly appreciated.



Basically like Mick said, since im using a custom theme, its using its own profile.template.php...So my errors are in the Failed Tests on the install page..


mem.openid_uri, mem.birthdate, mem.icq, mem.aim, mem.yim, mem.msn, mem.posts, mem.last_login, mem.karma_good,

mem.openid_uri, mem.birthdate, mem.icq, mem.aim, mem.yim, mem.msn, mem.flickrprofile, mem.posts, mem.last_login, mem.karma_good,


mem.openid_uri, mem.birthdate, mem.icq, mem.aim, mem.yim, mem.msn, mem.posts, mem.last_login, mem.karma_good,

$request = $smcFunc['db_query']('', '
mem.id_member, mem.member_name, mem.real_name, mem.email_address, mem.icq, mem.aim, mem.yim, mem.msn, mem.flickrprofile,  mem.member_ip, mem.member_ip2, mem.last_login,


// MSN?
if (!isset($context['disabled_fields']['msn']))
echo '
<td class="windowbg2">', $member['msn']['link'], '</td>';

Add before:
// flickrprofile?
if (!isset($context['disabled_fields']['flickrprofile']))
echo '
<td class="windowbg2">', $member['flickrprofile']['link'], '</td>';

I attempting to look for half the code but the rest of the line and surrounding lines are totally different/



I am new and still learning about these social network modifications. I downloaded this mod but cant find it in my forum. Any help?


Nevermind, I figured it out but now I would like to know how can I move it next to my other social network mods. It sits under the "view profile and "email" buttons whereas my facebook icon sits on top of those..I want my flickr to be next to my facebook or atleast under them and have the default icons at the bottom.


How can I get the Flick icon to sit under my other social network icons?