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Started by Antechinus, September 09, 2008, 03:00:13 PM

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You can change the width of the logo here:

#logo {
position: absolute;
top: 0px;
left: 0px;
display: block;
width: 825px;
height: 120px;
cursor: pointer;



I have a very basic question. I'm trying to install a new logo and the way I'm trying this is by first extracting the zip folder on my home computer, then pasting my new logo in the images/outline folder. Then I zip this folder and upload it to my SMF forum hosted on GoDaddy. I can install/upload the original theme and any other theme and it installs fine. But when I extract and then rezip the template, it won't install properly. Even if I just extract the originally zipped folder and then rezip it and install it, it won't install properly. So something is happening in my extract/zip process. Should I install my logo a different way?




You are probably trying to zip the entire folder, which means you end up with a folder inside your zip. In other words, the theme itself ends up one layer down from where it should be. This is a fairly common mistake. :)

What you need to do is open the theme folder on desktop and use "select all" to highlight all the files and folders inside, then zip those. However, as long as you have ftp access you don't need to bother with any of this. You can just ftp your new logos into place. This is much more convenient IMO, especially if you decide to change the logo later.

How do I use FTP? / What is FTP?



Can you help me fix the transparency of the drop-down menu in SilverMist?  I have it installed on my test-forum here: http://screencool.co.uk/forum3/index.php  and the background is too transparent. Thanks in advance!

Actually, nevermind that, I figured it out :)

Edit to add:

Ok, I have this error in my log - but it seems to only happen before I log in, because it is associated with my IP address as a guest.

8: Undefined variable: modSettings
File: /home/screenco/public_html/forum3/Themes/default/Login.template.php (main_above sub template - eval?)
Line: 660

So, I looked at line 660 and found modSettings, which is in this area of index.template.php:
<tr><td valign="middle">
                                    <label for="cookielength2"><b>', $txt['minutes'], ':</b>
                                    <input type="text" name="cookielength" id="cookielength2" size="12" style="margin: 0 0 0 10px;" maxlength="4" value="',
$modSettings['cookieTime'], '" /></label>

I cut it out, saved the changes, and don't seem to be getting the error anymore. This also removed the "minutes" box from the drop-down menu under log-in. Is that going to have any odd effects on people who login using the drop-down, or will it be akin to logging in "forever"?  If so, that's fine with me, since they could just click the 'login' main menu if they really want to set an expiration time.


That code is not in the Omega template. Nothing to do with this theme.



I am using your theme on my site and loving the drop down menus.  However, i am having a similar problem as other members in this thread and I can't figure out how to fix it.

When I click on the 'show new replies to your posts' or 'show recent posts' buttons at the top of the forum, it merely refreshes the forum index page, and doesn't show new replies at all. 

I am using Chrome, and Windows 7.  The same issue exists in Firefox.

Please help?  I'm a bit dumb about coding so I'd love a really simple explanation on how to fix this if possible.  Thanks!

Edit:  I have made this theme really narrow and changed the logo image slightly.  Could this have something to do with it?  I'd provide a link but this theme is not currently my default theme so it wouldn't really help anyway.


I can't reproduce that problem on a 1.1.14 test site. Both functions work normally for me, using either an admin account or a standard member account.


Hello Antechinus,

Is it maybe possible to upgrade this nice theme so that it can be used with SMF 2.0?

Greetz, Linda


Yes I'll do it when I have time, but at the moment I don't. Sorry.