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Started by Bugo, February 15, 2011, 03:48:12 PM

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Sorry Bugo, it was my fault  ::)
Thank you again


That is not the mod error. This is its logic — when a forum is small, Optimus creates sitemap.xml with forum links, when a forum is large, Optimus creates sitemap.xml (sitemap_index.xml in old versions of the mod) with sitemapindex, depending on rules.
There is a simple formula: Small forum < 50000 posts < Large forum.

Of course, I mean the latest version of the Optimus. The logic of different versions may differ.

You can change the count of posts to define a small/large forum. Open Sources/Optimus/Sitemap.php (or Class-OptimusSitemap.php, for SMF 2.0), find
private static $count = 50000;
and set your own value.



I have tried to upgrade Optimus on my smf 2.0.15, first it said the package is already available (it was there but older version) so i renamed the file and upload it.

when i click install mod, my website goes offline with http 500 error. now i dont know ho to modify/revert or delete this mod from cpanel to make online my website.


At first, you should uninstall the previous version (uninstall the mod, remove the mod's file), then install a new one.
If you see 500 error and cannot enter into the admin area, try to remove all the mod's files from /Sources dir, then remove "$sourcedir/Optimus/Class-Optimus.php" line from the value of variable integrate_pre_include (smf_settings table in database), and "Optimus::hooks" line from the value of variable integrate_pre_load.


I have resolved the 500 http error by removing /sources/optimus directory but now in my error log im getting

Undefined index: optimus_common_titleApply Filter: Only show the errors from this file File: /home/engrz/public_html/
Line: 28

and when trying to enter into "search engine optimization" from admin menu i see

An Error Has Occurred!
Unable to load the 'common' template.


You should apply ALL provided changes, not just one...
Running SMF 2.1 with latest TinyPortal at


No option to uninstall, do i need to delete?

see attachment


done as you said and installed a new one

successfully intalled, but now error in error log is:

Array to string conversionApply Filter: Only show the errors from this file File: Sources/Optimus/Class-Optimus.php
Line: 434


Open phpMyAdmin and try to run SQL query:
DELETE FROM smf_settings WHERE variable LIKE "optimus_%"
Then go to OP setting area and enter new settings.


i have done, it looks okay but i lost all credentials was setup in optimus... Thank you for the support


New posts/topics are not in sitemap.xml it is not adding, what to do?


Take a look at the mod's settings area.


Quote from: Bugo on April 29, 2019, 01:32:52 AM
Take a look at the mod's settings area.

according to my knowledge, i have configured it well.

is there any specific option to look?


There is a special area, the Optimus Sitemap. Also, there are Scheduled Tasks, where you can manage time for periodically creating sitemap.xml


i set it 0 as many topics have no reply.

but still no update and it is not showing sitemap link in footer as im enabling the option.


checked every option again and again but new links are not added into sitemap. kindly help.


How often is your sitemap updated? Look in the Scheduled Tasks area. New topics should be added to the sitemap only after the corresponding task is completed (in Scheduled Tasks). If you really need, you can run any task manually.

P. S. Why clutter search results with topics without replies?


Hi @Bugo

Is there any chance you can add Tinyportal article support to Sources/Class-Optimus.php

As it stands when Tiny Portal articles are posted to Facebook nothing is parsed. The Facebook posting defaults to the general site name, description and image. FB completely ignores anything associated with the article.

This is my "Rink Directory" article. Its called Rink Directory, it has a ton of context and an image. All of it is ignored, same deal with all other articles.


Quote from: njtweb on May 19, 2019, 09:37:36 AM
Is there any chance you can add Tinyportal article support to Sources/Class-Optimus.php
Unfortunately, only very few make donations to support my free work. So I have little free time.


Hi Bugo,

Ive instaled the new pakage and i ask you if can help me.
My forum its about law and some staff for professionals in this category. Almost of my members starts topic´s with a saludations like "Hi everyone" hi coleagues" etc, but this kind of prases ar to bad for the SEO. Worst when they make a saludatiosn and due like i was done on this post. It means, if they wright the saludation, and give a enter to go to another line, only stay as SEO like this:
Quotename="description" content="Good afternon,
the rest of the text is not included, becouse it goes a line below. Its possibile to remove the sentence? "Good afternoon", or in case to do not be possibile to remove some sentences from the begin of the text, must be possibile to be included the second line.

I apreciatte your attencion to this.

Thanks in advance.