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April Fools Pranks

Started by ishy, March 23, 2011, 09:10:28 AM

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Normally I run some type of April Fool's prank on my site, but after 5 years, I'm running out of ideas. The one that has worked best for me was to change everyone's avatars to something that either I know is opposite them or that I know they would just find really funny. Like my co-admin who hates anything pink and sparkly got a pink sparkly unicorn avatar (nearly gave her a Twilight Edward sparkly avatar, but she knows where I live). None of them come here, so I knew it would be safe to start a discussion here for some ideas, and maybe others will get some ideas, too.

Anybody have ideas for April Fool's pranks?


oh this is such a cute idea!  I hope more people post ideas coz I'm looking for something exciting to do for April Fool's too.

For Valentine's I reset everyone to a fluffy fluffy pink theme with hearts.  Everyone appreciated the joke so maybe you could try something like that except to a theme that is... funny? 

I also saw a mod somewhere which was for a lightbox effect on the front page.  When the user logs onto the forum, the page dims and this box appears - I'm not sure what the mod is originally to be used for but you could use it to put a joke or something in there.  Maybe a big red warning that says 'YOU BROKE THE FORUM, WE WILL BE SENDING OUR NINJAS TO KIDNAP YOU NOW!"

or something that is actually funny.  >.>


I saw another one suggested somewhere else...

You can use the censored words function to change words to something random.

e.g.  can -> beans
        words -> uncle
        random -> carrot
So the sentence above would become:

you beans use the censored uncle function to change the uncle to something carrot.


Well, for April Fool's last year, we were in the run up to SimpleDesk 1.0, and this is what we did:



I've come up with something. Most of my group is gothier black-loving women. My junior admin, however, has been on a mission to turn us all pink and flowery and 'girly' since we started 5 years ago. So I emailed her last night and asked her if she wanted to 'take over' the site for April Fool's. I'll turn everything pink, make a new logo, and she's going to post all over about her takeover. She has a wicked sense of humor, so I'm sure it will be a riot. There's also one guy on our forums who has verbally sparred with her (in a very good natured way) for years, and I plan to bait him into "retaking" the board. She emailed me back "You can count on me for a fantastically fascist April Fools!"

Dream of Omnimaga

If you have a news and announcement section, fake news can work too, as long as they sound real. Don't be too rash, though, such as simulating a site shut down, because some people who might fall for it might leave.


I changed the censored words, so everything they typed was spelt wrongly, when they posted.;)


Quote from: K@ on March 25, 2011, 11:20:15 AM
I changed the censored words, so everything they typed was spelt wrongly, when they posted.;)

Bwahahahaha!! Man, I know a forum whose members would be hysterical if that happened....


You use the usual typos, like "waht", "wrok" and that kinda stuff.

Drives 'em mental. ;)

Dream of Omnimaga

When my site was on Invisionfree, I once did that too. Everything would turn into l33t5p34k.


we did some random word changing:

'is' became 'flying spaghetti monster'

'a' became 'I am a little teapot'

and so on


Wow.... you guys are incredibly imaginitive. 

The only forum April's Fools joke that I was part of, I didn't play, but they sent a message to all the members that the forum had become too much overhead and they were shutting it down.  It actually was kind of believable because the forum had grown a lot recently.

In response, someone had started a thread asking whether members could assist with the moderation and what could we do to change the forum owner's mind.  And then of course someone else said.... Isn't it April Fool's??

I do know that if what you type is not what comes up on the screen. It will drive people insane quickly.
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Love using the censored words, brilliant idea.

Reminds me of a prank on a fellow worker where we removed his print icon/button on Word and replaced it with an identical macro-enabled button which capitalized all lower case and vice versa before printing then reverting the doc back to original. The machine was fast enough for the whole thing to be over before you could see what had happened.

Resulted in a call to the IT helpdesk reporting a printer fault on our floor - "It keeps getting caps and lower case the wrong way round"

What type of washing machine is September?

An autumnatic. :)


I changed "is" & "am" into "are", "are" into "is". They all sound like lolcats and it drives them insane  :laugh:


I changed mine so that certain words become pix of lolcats:


Awwwwwww <3


It's that time of year again!  Anyone have any new ideas?

The Silver Monkey

You could turn your board upside down by placing this:

-moz-transform: rotate(180deg);
-webkit-transform: rotate(180deg);
-o-transform: rotate(180deg);

into the body tag of your board's style(s).

It doesn't seem to work with every theme, though.

Alternatively, you could turn all of your board's images upside down by placing this:

img {
        -moz-transform: scaleY(-1);
        -o-transform: scaleY(-1);
        -webkit-transform: scaleY(-1);
        transform: scaleY(-1);
        filter: FlipV;
        -ms-filter: "FlipV";

In your theme(s) style(s).


That's really evil! I love it!

The censored word thing is working really well so far. I also changed all their avatars for My Little Ponies as a distraction....


I did the censored word thing, but no-one has noticed yet  :(  Unless they're keeping quiet just to wind me up....