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SMF 2.0 Update Part Last

Started by [SiNaN], May 05, 2011, 07:08:48 PM

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Yeah, everything will be stored in database.


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2.0 has not been released yet and therefore is not available for download.


Personally, I just nuke the entire SMF dir aside from Settings(_bak).php, then do the upgrade. Makes life simpler.
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+1, but not all the sub-dirs

I think it is safe to:
* Back up all of the files, just in case
* Uninstall all the mods, but leave all the data on the database
Then get rid of:
* All php and php~ files, other than Settings.php
* The entire Sources directory
* The entire Themes directory -- save your "test" themes and customizations someplace else, first.
* The entire Packages directory

You'll want to leave attachments, and maybe avatars, and maybe smileys, alone.
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Waiting started having a financial effect on me :-\


Quote from: Once Upon A Star on June 09, 2011, 09:59:33 AM
Or, you could just truncate smf_log_packages, which would be a whole lot quicker ;)

There is a GUI for that and it is what I use after a upgrade.
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Pfft, that's the easy way out.

You should try doing the upgrade from RC3 to RC5+SVN changes, while the site remains online, even with AJAX shoutbox and people not even noticing that you're upgrading, and not even dropping an AJAX request.


I do it the easy way. Other than a portal, I just don't bother to use any mods. If I really feel that I need something, I just figure a way to hard code it in. ;)
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Quote from: Fustrate on May 10, 2011, 04:34:05 PM
Hey, it stands a good chance of being released before Duke Nukem Forever!
Today, Duke Nukem Forever has finally been released. My steam client is downloading it right now 8)
Wouldn't this be the perfect day for a SMF 2.0 final release? O:)


Only outside of the US. Americans have to wait a few days, apparently.
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By the way, where is that asteroid guys? ;D


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Quote from: Dr. Deejay on June 10, 2011, 10:50:14 AM
In space..

Better buy a telescope. Wanna see it? Buy a telescope. Gonna be in space.

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Quote from: Madzgo on June 10, 2011, 10:48:07 AM
By the way, where is that asteroid guys? ;D

They're standing on it.
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News release from NASA -

A new satelight was launched May 31,2011 dubbed SMF. NASA reported a mechanical failure that sent the satelight hurtling towards Jupiter. Hubble telescope was able to capture pictures of a spectacular crash in space as SMF became firmly wedged into Uranus.
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In response to my comment about SMF 2.0 gold, some of you have brought up some decent points.

Sure, I recognize that a lot of it has to do with status and marking it as officially stable.

If I had a forum however I'd be more interested in the future of development of SMF after 2.0 gold. Sure 2.0 going gold is a good sign, but unless you were pessimistic, it wasn't as if it wasn't going to happen eventually. RC5 isn't far from being considered a final release. Heck I'm sure plenty of software companies would have just slapped gold status on it after the state it was in at RC2. So I am pleased to see how serious Simple Machines takes stability and security in response to its users of its software.

I'm hoping SMF takes a logical path for the future where it isn't years before a new release comes out with some useful enhancements. To me, that would mean adding only a few features in each iterative release, 2.1, 2.2, etc. That also to me means to not go directly to 3.0, as I think with the current limited resources we could be looking at another 5 or more years from now before it would be released.

Another thing to do perhaps to help calm the wait is to release official mod packages. Feature X is coming to 2.1? Users don't want to wait 6 weeks for 2.1? Have an officially maintained mod package that adds that functionality to existing 2.0 installs. It would sort of be like how on a linux distro you can upgrade individual packages yourself instead of having to wait for the distro upgrade to be released that includes the updated packages.
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Uhm should I cross my fingers that it gets released this weekend?