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[Theme] Endar - SMF 1.1 RC2

Started by Miraenda, August 01, 2005, 06:24:57 PM

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Angus from site designed a forum for my site and the agreement was made initially to provide the theme to all the SMF community after completion.  The Endar theme is now ready in a beta form as its first incarnation.  Please note that this theme will only work with the 1.1 RC2 version at this time.  I have attached a copy of the main zip file to this post.

A demo forum using the theme can be seen at this location

Angus has kindly offered to provide support for the theme if you post on his forum for any questions at

You can also see the PSD files for header and footer with the characters removed at the downloads post at

I have not included images here of the theme as you would be able to see all areas via the demo other than the admin section.  If someone would really like some sample images on this post, I could add small ones of course :)

We appreciate any feedback on bugs.  You can post here, email me at [email protected] address, or post on Angus' forum for anything related to bugs or the theme.

Thanks and I hope people like it. :)

Edit: Updated upload to have the new version for 1.1 RC2



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Very elegant theme! Excellent graphics and colors. :)


I am really amazed by this very very nice and original theme. It was so different that I thought I was not on my own forum for a few seconds.

Really very stylish and bright ideas inside !!! Congrats.


Great theme, I guess that its the best RPG theme avaliable, loved the graphics that were used ;)
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Excellent!! Miraenda. It is a great calm theme. :D



Thanks for the kind comments folks :)

I'd just like to point out I'm very happy to support the theme over here, the reason for the mention of support at my own forum is simply because I respond faster there as it's where all my main support is done. :)





That has to be one of the most balanced themes I have seen yet. Very easy on the eye, good colour contracts and perfect blending :)
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I love it.  Hurry up with this one!



It is available Jazhawk. Provided you're running 1.1 beta 3 Public.  :)

We're calling it a beta until we hear if there's a lot of bugs to fix or not.  So far there's not been any bug reports but I've found one myself and I'm sure there's likely more.

Come the next beta or release candidate of SMF any bug fixes and updating that needs to be done will and we'll call it 1.0. :)

Thanks for the nice comments folks and thanks to Miraenda for deciding to let people download it. :)


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