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Upgrade 2.0 issues

Started by _Wes, August 10, 2011, 02:26:01 PM

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I just upgraded to 2.0 this week - after changine themes (and seeing some theme anomolies - both in IE and FF), I am now getting some odd 500 errors.

Version Information:
Forum version: SMF 2.0 (more detailed)
Current SMF version: ??
GD version: bundled (2.0.28 compatible)
MySQL version: 5.0.91-log
PHP: 4.4.9
Server version: Apache

I've seen this one posted elsewhere - and no fix yet - but the news from SMF doesn't show up, and neither does the SMF version?  I don't get this.  In the package manager, I can pull in 3rd party apps, but not SMF?  Weird.

Forum links - within the forum itself, when clicking on thread links, I'll get errors.  In a new thread, trying to go back a page, or even on the front page clicking on a thread link - some of these are throwing 500 server errors.  This is being seen by various folks - in the US and abroad.

Any assistance appreciated.




Sorry - was attempting to post yesterday & was blocked.

Making sure I could before I spent more time typing.



list of mods installed? who is your host? have you ask your host about the errors? 500 errors are usually server side.


No mods - just did the upgrade.  Wait - did add a Google+ 'like' button.

Host is godaddy.

No - didn't ask them anything - thought I'd come here first to see if this has been seen before.  Yes, 500 are server side errors - but I was thinking if it had been seen before, I wouldn't have to worry about contacting godad - their support leaves something to be desired.

and for the record - I've been running SMF forums (up to 5) for . . . years.   I won't use any other software.



find a new host before it is too late, godaddy is one of the worst oversold hosts you can use.



one awsome webhost is x10hosting it is pretty much unlimited for everything and is the best host i have ever used.

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Quote from: alex809 on August 10, 2011, 03:55:30 PM
one awsome webhost is x10hosting it is pretty much unlimited for everything and is the best host i have ever used.

please do not recommend oversold hosts they are very bad to use and often cause issues, there is no such thing as unlimited.


x10hosting is NOT oversold.

and yes there is. my website if it were on another host would take up the entire max limit of space and database and all of that in fact it would take 2 accounts on byethost to fit my website.

so x10hosting is the best web host i know of they have there own servers.

as long as you have a crap load of servers like Facebook does then yes there is such a thing as unlimited.


anything that is unlimited in hosting is oversold there will always be limits

it does not matter if the host owns their own server or not, they can be an oversold host if they do own their servers or not.


Whatever in my opinion a web host can be unlimited as long as they add servers everyday.

so in my opinion yes there is a such thing as unlimited web hosting.

if you dont believe it then that's your belief not mine and i cant change that for you.



wow i dont believe that crap.

companies will sell things at low prices to get more users and people to use there services. The more users who pay for the services will give more money and if a price is low then allot more people will pay for it therefore they make way more money than they spend.



fine believe how you want but unlimited DOES NOT EXIST, you can not put more resources then what exists on a server and expect people to get good results from it.


Yes i know that you cannot put more resources on ONE SERVER than there is on ONE SERVER but what i am saying is most companies like this have MORE THAN ONE SERVER therefore you can put more resources because there is MORE THAN ONE SERVER running them.

but if they have one server then i understand that an unlimited host is bogus. i understand it. i also understand that the more servers there are then the more resources they have and therefore it can happen.


most hosts that offer unlimited hosting packages put a LOT of "servers" on one box and overload the box, this causes many issues with those that use the server. this is proven time and time again when people move off oversold hosts to those that are not oversold. again UNLIMITED does not exist anywhere and hosts that offer those packages do not add servers often enough to keep customers happy.


yes i understand that. yes most overload one box but then again others dont.

and just so you know i have always been with x10hosting and i have not had one problem with them at all EVER. so there doing something right.


that does not mean that others do not have issues, this thread is not for this discussion and if it continues this thread will be split.


I know its not and that is why i am trying to finish this discussion but it does not seam to want to end.

anyway i dont have any support on my thread for smf themes and i need support for it so i can find out how to fix it so i can get to completely recoding my website witch i would like to get done today.