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Started by Bugo, October 13, 2011, 09:51:33 AM

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Cool I'll Look At it thanks and will post the altered version here mick
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Works awesome.  Looks awesome.  Unfortunately the spoiler button is BLANK.  How do I add something there to indicate that blank button is a spoiler?


Try extract /Themes/default/images/bbc/spoiler.png from the archive into /Themes/{custom_theme}/images/bbc


* Fixed the issue with images in preview
* Fixed the issue with icons of inline spoilers
* Drop static methods


Awesome mod. Thank you.


Love the mod! Great job. Do have one question though ... how difficult would it be to center the word 'Spoiler' and it's plus sign?
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Try to add into CSS:
Code (css) Select
.sp-head {
background-position-x: 46%;
text-align: center;


That worked though I changed the background position to 48% as the 46% made a large gap between the plus sign and the word Spoiler.

At any rate, worked like a charm, thanks Bugo!

One theme it didn't work on so I added your code at the end of its index.css and now it works. Is that the right way to have done it?
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One note: on the Blue Evolution theme the code needs to be added to the custom.css file.
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Give me last 2.0 support version

Found on github:


Here the german language file a little Tutorials and the xml best regards Trucker2006
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Hey Bugo ... I was testing to see if one could put a spoiler within a spoiler and one can. But, if it like this:

[spoiler=Answer]text here

[spoiler=My opinion]text here[/spoiler][/spoiler]

The second spoiler has the words 'My opinion' shifted left so they cover the image next to 'My opinion'.

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How to fix?
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Shadow aok


Thanks for the plugin :)

Running SMF 2.1.2, with Tapatalk SMF plugin 5.1.3 and Quick Spoiler 1.5.1, on PHP 8.1 raises an issue (already the case with previous Tapatalk and QS plugin, this is related to PHP 8.1, since it was working fine on 7.4).

It's more a Tapatalk issue I think, but we never know.
"function_exists(): Argument #1 ($function) must be of string, array given."

I fixed it by patching mobiquo/include/Subs.php, line 5758.
From :
if (!empty($call))
To :
if (!empty($call) && is_string( $call ))
Because $call is an Object of QuickSpoiler class instead of being a string.

Shadow aok

Although the module works with 2.1.2 and PHP 8.1, i got these errors in the logs :
Hook Call: Function "QuickSpoiler::hooks#" in file Sources/Class-QuickSpoiler.php could not be called.

Shadow aok

This last error comes when tapatalk calls "index.php?method=get_unread_topic".

Shadow aok

The issue seems to be in the database, table smf_settings, variable integrate_pre_load : $sourcedir/Class-QuickSpoiler.php|QuickSpoiler::hooks#


I have just installed this mod, it works, but the "spoiler.png" image does not appear.
the image is well present in theme/default/image/bbc, I tried to add it in the customize theme in the same place, but it still does not show.
I tried to find where it would have been called in the files,

but I didn't find it.
Could you please help me?

Speed King

You use custom template (maybe Lunarfall?), this template uses FontAwesome glyphs, not images.