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Started by fragged8, November 13, 2011, 07:43:53 PM

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is it possible to add a skype call button to the online members ?
or incorporate a webcam chat room ?


The search feature in the top right hand side of the board is your best friend;basic_search=skype

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Without wanting to be a smartarse, only two of those in the list can run with 2.0 and doesn't look as though they are supported any more. I know the OP didn't specify version of SMF but I would say it is a fair guess that they are looking for something for 2.0.1. Plus none of those listed for whatever version of SMF do what they are asking for. Other than that, your answer was very helpful.  ;)


yer it says they for earlier versions but it is worth trying the newer ones via emulation you would be surprised how many mods install and work just because the installer has not been updated does not necessarily mean they dont work

(Btw my initial point was use the search before asking in a thread i did not even look at the available mods just pasted the link)

2000+ games available to download


my boys name is Ozzie so anyone with that name cant be all bad :-)

y, i guess i was just hoping to get a 'good to go' install without too much messing
as i've already lost my forum twice .

and yes I do apologize ver 2.0.1

I tried to install this one
but just got loads of test failed messages ??

I'm not good enough to get stuck in to manual mode :-(



i just tried the other one and got errors too .....soz but can't help ...hopefully you will find something i will keep my eyes open as not all mods are shown here some are done on private sites if i come across 1 i will yell

2000+ games available to download


thanks Ozzie, glad it's not just me  ;)


It's quite easy to just add it as a custom profile field - no mod required.

Here's how you can do it...

First, enable custom profile fields if you haven't already done so:
Admin -> Configuration -> Core Features
Click the "Switch" icon next to "Advanced profile fields" (it will change from gray to green)
Scroll down and click "Save"

Create a new profile field (Admin -> Configuration -> Features and Options -> Profile Fields)
(If an option isn't listed here, use whatever you want for it)
Name: Skype
Profile Section: Forum Profile
Show on topic view: Checked
Choose Placement: With Icons

Show enclosed with text:
<a href="skype:{INPUT}?call"><img src="{INPUT}" alt="Skype - {INPUT}" title="Skype - {INPUT}" /></a>

Type: Text
Maximum Length: 32
Input Mask: No HTML
Privacy: Users can see this field; owner can edit it
Active: Checked

After that, just save the field and it will be there for users to edit. The code I've given you will show an icon based on the user's online status, if they've chosen to make that available over the web. If you want to use a different icon, just replace the "" URL in the img code with the URL for the image you wish to use.
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Thanks Oldiesmann! On my way to try this out.


if there is a skype button on the forums , then according to me it blows the concept of a forum . .. one should not have a skype button on the forum ..


Huh?  ??? Whatever not! Skype is just one more I'm contact type.....we already have msn, yahoo, etc....   

Actually, the plan, afaik, is to remove all the contact details and just make it a type of custom field allowed from each admin's choice

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