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Youtube Integration Mod (YIM) (New Version 0.2 for SMF 2.0)

Started by Adk-Team, November 10, 2010, 09:43:33 PM

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I have just added this Mod and it works just like it is supposed to. Thanks! I have a few questions.

1) Could this mod be edited so that when you click on a channel shortcut in the gallery it does not add the user/ bit to the link? This way you could point them to your channel. As it is it takes them to something that does not exist. h ttp://ww w.youtube.com/user/channel/

2)  Could this mod be altered to automatically open the video in YouTube? If I'm promoting a YouTube channel I'd hate to take away from their views, likes or comments at YouTube.

3) Is there a way to organize the gallery? Having the ability to arrange videos in members created list would be great. Having a option to allow member groups permission to do this would be even better. Maybe they could use the tagging system (I'm already using it) to create a list?