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October 20, 2021, 08:39:54 PM


SMF 2.0.18 has been released! Please update. Read more.

SMF 2.0.10/1.1.21 Released

Started by Oldiesmann, April 24, 2015, 02:09:00 PM

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Mr. Jinx

Thanks again for the hard work.
First the responsive update and now this. Lots of activity :)


Quote from: Steve on April 25, 2015, 09:53:48 AM
I had the exact same thing. Test failed in ./Themes/default/languages/index.english.php because it said '// Version: 2.0.7;' ... and I keep up with all updates/patches/etc.

Similar, I also keep updated, currently running 2-0.9.  Got a test failed, but on mine it says,


Code: (Find) [Select]

// Version: 2.0.8;

Code: (Replace) [Select]

// Version: 2.0.10;

This is with the patch from the upgrades page.  Not asking for support, just saying. ;)

I'm guessing as my other site upgraded fine, but that had a fresh set of files uploaded a week or two back. But the site getting the test failed has been upgraded using the patches for the last few versions, it has something to do with this.


Me fail English? That's unpossible.

Chen Zhen

What I was saying in my last post was that if you have been installing patches from at least SMF version 2.0.7 then it will most likely throw that error.
All one needs to do to have the patch install cleanly is to edit its installer to look for:

// Version: 2.0.7;

instead of

// Version: 2.0.8;

.. for those that get the error or one can just edit it manually to:

// Version:;

Btw I had the error occur on 2 sites.. mine & SimplePortal.
No mods or manual edits affected that specific line or anything near it less any older patches of course.

My SMF Mods & Plug-Ins


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Why edit the installer when one can just as easily edit the index.english.php file? Unless you're talking to the developers in which case, never mind. :P

And that last manual edit you posted should be 2.0.10 ... not ... :)
Please do not PM me for support.


Fantastic news. Congratulations, great work and thank you. :)


The thing is, chen, as I said - I updated 12 sites...   some of them installed fresh on 2.0.9 and some of them upgraded from 2.0.0 all the way up...   all sites worked fine.

I am not saying that you folks DIDN'T get the error message - since obviously, several of you did...   but there seems to be something (which is not related specifically to how you had previously gotten to 2.0.9) which is causing it on your sites which did not cause it on any other sites.
Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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Hmm... I'm stuck at "Attempting to fetch the most popular and recent packages from www.simplemachines.org..."

Yes, I've ran the scheduled task.


There is a glitch on the smf server side...   Just manually download the patch from the link in this thread and then upload it to your site like any other mod
Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

"Loki is not evil, although he is certainly not a force for good. Loki is... complicated."


thanks devs. had to use the downloaded patch, but no errors.   :)

Burke ♞ Knight

Great job team!
Too bad about the smf server side glitch, but these things happen.
Appreciate the hard work you all did on this update. :)


Even with modified Source and Language files the patch seems to have installed flawlessly on the first attempt, which usually never happens for me. Nice work.  ;)
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Thank you SMF Team! My main forum and my test site are working flawlessly.




I need some help here if its possible I have two forums which I upgraded a couple of years ago to version 2 and have been upgrading since but this new one I cant do through the softacoulous and when I try through the forum I get
   ./Themes/classic/Post.template.php   Test failed (Ignore Errors)
   2.   Replace   ./Themes/classic/Post.template.php   Test failed
I am on 2.0.9 version
what do I do in this case?


Quote from: Oldiesmann on April 24, 2015, 02:09:00 PM
Please do not use this topic for support requests.  You will receive a much quicker and better response by posting in the relevant support board!