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Started by David, January 28, 2004, 01:21:53 AM

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If you guys haven't noticed some of the threads on this board have now been locked and/or trimmed.  I have gone through and cleaned up others but it really would be great if we never need to get into this position again.  I would hate to have to just lock news threads as we really do value your feedback and opinions but when every other post is like "you guys are sellouts" or "just release it already!" it really doesn't help.  Those of you that are Charter Members can attest to just how much work goes into every beta that you guys get.  We understand many of you run the code live, which is awesome, and thus don't just put up buggy code for download but of course there are always some bugs.  There will be a public release when the Charter Members and the Simple Machine's team feel the code is ready; end of story.  If you can't wait, then by all means purchase a Charter Membership.

Another problem we've been seeing more and more often is thread hijacking.  It is awesome that there is a great tight-nit community here that can joke with each other but try not to steer a thread off topic with it, especially on the News board.  We must keep the threads here clean enough so that brand new users can find the information they are looking for and not get scared by Owdy's avatar.  ;)

Basically we are just asking all of you to think a little, or a little more, before you post.  Make sure that the comical remark really belongs here and not in the Chit Chat board.  I think all of you know that we do very little actual moderation here and we'd really like to keep it that way but unfortunately things got out of hand.  :-[

This space for rent.




can you give us some introduce of your SMF,and the difference from Yabbs;

i think SMF interface not friendly to new user!

how about the effisence of the execute speed

Daniel D.

Please read & SEARCH the boards here. There are all things you want to know. The interface is nearly the same as in YaBB SE.

Crying "support" will not help you getting the information faster... ::)


Quote from: zxbbs on February 28, 2004, 02:08:08 AM
can you give us some introduce of your SMF,and the difference from Yabbs;

i think SMF interface not friendly to new user!

how about the effisence of the execute speed

here's a start:
about yabb vs smf
yabb is perl and flat file; smf is php and mysql (a lot faster)


* applauds SS for a good, polite answer to a new user :)


i am not new user!
I am Chinese!I Just dont know how to express my idea exactly !!!

Did u all have use Chinese Product ,like Discuz!!!  ( (But the main source  code was zend encoded!!!)
It fully use Cache tecnical,,Smart templete tecnical!

Discuz! forum base on PHP and mysql,
they say High effiency ,Highly integreted ,but week in security !
I will choose SMF if I know the feature of it !

I am really a PHP fan,new fan.

Chris Cromer

Yes you are a new user because you registered here just a few days ago. ;)
Chris Cromer

"I was here, here I was, was I here, sure I was" - The little voice in my head.


I too am a new user, and am DYING to try out SMF...
It looks great guys....
Now how bout we let them finish coding it, instead of having to do boring old forum moderation during time better spent getting a RC ready... ;)

Keep up the good work guys. I, and I'm sure many others REALLY do appreciate it. :D
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