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Started by S3NTYN3L, January 15, 2011, 12:25:04 PM

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Think of it like this

I. Parent(Main) Board (set to hide all sub-boards from main page)
   A. sub-board 1 of I  ( will show newest post on last post on boardindex ....)
   B. sub-board 2 of I ( will show newest post on last post on boardindex ....)
        1. sub-board of B (will not show posts on last post in boardindex, which is smf default)

Simplified, the answer to your question is Yes.


Last question then I'll drop it.

On the board index, when there is a new post in the parent board, there is a 'new post' icon to the left of the board name.
If there is no new post in the parent board, there is a 'no new post' icon.

If there are new posts in the sub board but not in the parent board, will that 'new post' icon show?

And I do understand what you're saying about the newest post to the right of the board name. :)
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Yes since the mod just hides the content, the whole 'new icon' thing is still worked out in the meantime.


DO NOT pm me for support!



When I try to install this mod to 2.0.12 I get an error saying that this mod is either corrupted or incompatible.
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This mod will work for version 2.0.12. Take a look at this link which will show you how to install a mod for a different version-'t_work_in_my_SMF_version


I am uninstalling mods prior to converting a 2.10.19 forum to 2.1.4. However this mod has no 'Uninstall' option in the 2.0.19 Packager Manager. As far as I can tell, it has only one field in the Settings table of the database called 'kill_some_children'.

Has anyone converted to 2.1.4 without uninstalling this mod?
If I don't uninstall and just delete the field from the Settings table. Is that going to be sufficient to avoid error messages etc in 2.1.4?


When you update to 2.1.4 it will replace all the files (and you'll need a new theme) so you can just go ahead and delete it once you've done the upgrade.


Thanks Arantor, there's a lot of debris in the database from old mods and phpBB circa 2004. So I'll see if it can be cleaned up a bit.