Started by cee山, September 01, 2021, 03:21:31 PM

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That's rather nice. It reminds me of the old SMF One Multicolour theme. Similar style, but IMO better choice of colours.
Sources code: making easy front end changes difficult since 1873 :P

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That is a pretty cool theme that you have made. I really like what you did with the Category Title section design and the colors you used in general.

I did find a few things that may need to be adjusted.

Not sure if intentional, but the drop shadow doesn't seem to belong there. It doesn't match the rest of the board index sections. This is just my opinion though.

The "inline" section in the infocenter is a different color compared to the rest of the board index aswell.

The only real bug/issue is with the category description text.  It goes behind the category title so you can not read the full description.


@TwitchisMental Thanks feedback .
category description text Fix

Dave J


There is an error also when trying to access the error log. It takes you there, then a pop up gives you alternatives but you cannot get out of that once there, even clicking on the close icon to the top right side.

This happens if there are errors or no errors but doesn't seem to produce an error

I should add that yours is not the only 2.1 theme to do this
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Diego Andrés

It's because of changes from RC4 to 2.1
RC4 themes will have problems

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