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Yesterday I installed SMF to my website and I tried to change background of the forum ( I use Boru theme ) but it didn't work, it was again showing default background, Then i gone to website throught my phone and i saw that background is there, on my computer it is not but on mobile phone or any other device that is not previously gone on the site it is. Also, i put a banner on site ( at the bottom ) and i gone to site via Google Chrome and it wasn't there but i opened Windows Edge and gone to site and banner was there. I dont now what is happening, cache is not updating or? Somebody can help me please? Thanks! ( Sorry for my bad english )

Link to site?


--- Quote from: Arantor on November 17, 2019, 07:53:50 AM ---Link to site?

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You will see this banner because this is your first time on site

So first up, there is a cache in the browser for the CSS on the page, and Chrome in particular is terrible about not clearing that out when it should.

Regarding your banner, I don't know where you uploaded it to, but both Themes/default/images/eglogo.png and Themes/Boru/images/eglogo.png don't exist. The footer banner works as it was uploaded somewhere else.

Your site is trying to use Font Awesome (at least, the theme is) but it can't be loaded because you seem to have some issue with CORS configuration (you should ask your webhost about this).

Not sure what other issues there are vs what I'm seeing but those two are the big ones.

There was also a problem, my logo didn't work ( actually just on Chrome but i didn't knew that ) and then i opened css file in admin menu and in preview i actually saw my logo and my banner, i uploaded again these files. Is there any fix for this for chrome or not, thanks!


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