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SMF moves to a new translation platform: switching to Crowdin

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SMF moves to a new translation platform: switching to Crowdin

As SMF continues to grow, it has adapted to the increasing needs of the community and our translators. Up until this point, we have been using our own translation management tool called 'Language Editor (LE)'.  This has served the community very well for years, however, over time, it has become more difficult for the Team to maintain.  As such, we have decided to change to Crowdin.

Crowdin works smoothly and allows for a more flexible translation process. Furthermore, it provides many useful features, such as global translation memory, machine translations, and online editors. It offers convenient ways to comment on existing texts and to report mistakes or problems. As a result, using Crowdin will make it much easier to discuss, for example, the terminology, meaning, and optimal translation of each and every software string.  We believe that Crowdin will help us to optimize the translation process. It will make the process of translating faster and facilitate problem solving, resulting in higher quality translations

Want to improve SMF in your language? Here is how you can help

If you like SMF and want to contribute by translating it into your language, sign up at Crowdin, go to our page and start translating. We are looking forward to seeing you there.  If you have already registered on our SMF community forum, just use this link to proceed and join our project on Crowdin without the need to additionally sign up on their page.  All you need to do is to log in with your SMF account.

We understand that using the new platform may seem quite complicated for users who have not used it before, so we have written this article for current and potential translators, which includes detailed guidelines on how to translate SMF on Crowdin to make it easier for you to work with this software.

Please note that Crowdin will be officially used as the Translation Management Software from branch 2.1 onwards. Older branches of the software will continue to be updated using the LE (Language Editor) until EOL (end of life).

How translation is changing

Nothing has significantly changed in our translation management system on the new platform, but there are some important differences in terminology that Senior Translators, in particular, need to be aware of.  For instance, SMF Senior Translators will become Proofreaders on Crowdin, but their role remains the same.
Proofreaders (Senior Translators) will continue to:
•   Approve/unapprove translations;
•   Be responsbible for overseeing the accuracy of translations;
•   Answer questions and requests in comments;
•   Resolve issues.

Please note that on the SMF community, Senior Translators will still be referred to as such and the change in Crowdin is purely one of terminology, rather than a change of role.  If anything, the new tools available in Crowdin enhance the role of a Senior Translator and make it easier for them to carry out their duties.

Signing up now  ;) hope all goes well!
Thanks for your hard work. I will try it later but it looks vers promising.

Rock Lee:
Ohh it looks very good, as soon as I can I will give it atoms :P thanks for so much work!

Hopefully this will make translations much easier for everyone. Unfortunately I'm not fluent in any foreign languages so I probably can't be much help (I did know quite a bit of German at one time but have forgotten most of it in the 20 years since I graduated high school :P)


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