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[Preview] Smf 2.1 Steyle V1

Started by webtiryaki, July 20, 2022, 02:50:31 AM

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I had to remove the links in your post in order for the images to show. I also modified the title to conform with the board rules. Please see here.

Is this a theme you've adapted for SMF or something you created, or both?
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It's an SMF theme (I liked it).
I have a test forum, and I test everything!
I also don't put the link in respect of the rules...
Follow the rules, and I believe you will be approved!
Theme is ready!
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Looks really cool with my Dark Reader add-on.  :)
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Hi Webtiryaki, I've installed and love the look.

Is there a way to use a logo instead of just the website name? I notice on mobile it nowhere lists the website name?

I'd like to replace a few icons on the main board view - the orange bubble icons showing if there are new posts in that board. What are the image names of those two?



DO NOT pm me for support!