Spellcheck in 2.1.2?

Started by jindroush, August 16, 2022, 04:48:48 AM

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is the spellchecking feature still supported?
I had installed aspell, enchant, dictionaries, php modules etc. Still no spellcheck button.
I also checked source code ManagePosts.php/ModifyPostSettings and there is no checkbox for spellcheck which was supposedly in that place.

Running on Rocky Linux 9, php 8.0.13, aspell-0.60.8, enchant 2.2.15, hunspell 1.7.0. I have installed dicts for both systems for cs/sk/en.


the spellcheck one the server side has been getting problematic, because the server side stuff changed.
Besides, most browsers support local spellcheck better than server-side anyway

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Ok. Just a suggestion then to remove the mentions from the requirements
as it's still there (and in the code as well, but that's different problem to tackle)


Thanks for the heads up.  Looks like someone already fixed the wiki.

Note that the spellcheck checks in the code were left there in case a mod developer wanted to re-enable.  This is discussed in the related PRs.
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Cheers for that. I posted a guide on using browser spellcheck.