Enhanced Quick Reply

Started by Diego Andrés, November 25, 2022, 08:21:47 AM

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Diego Andrés

Link to the mod

Enhanced Quick Reply
Developed by Diego Andrés
Sponsored by Golarze.pl

Enhanced Quick Reply provides the ability to choose different behaviors for the quick reply look.

  • Set default behavior
    • Default
    • Collapsed
    • Minimalistic
    • Disabled
  • Per member option
  • Group permissions to change behavior

Russian by Bugo


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@Diego Andrés once again thank you so much for creating this mod!

If you want to hide the quick reply window, thanks to this mod you can collapse the quick reply or set it to a minimalist mode like the quick reply in Invision Community. In my opinion, this mode is great!

The mod has been paid, but I asked a friend for permission to share this mod all SMF members. And thanks to this, SMF 2.1 gained new functionality. :)