Appropriate way to show real user IP in a proxy situation (HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR)

Started by user58389239, April 27, 2023, 04:26:03 PM

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We're running 2.0.X (for now, upgrading soon)...using Sucuri firewall. We're not seeing the firewall IP instead of real user IP.

I've seen a few methods mentioned in previous posts on getting the correct info. I've seen it mentioned to put in QueryString.php and elsewhere to put it in index.php and a third place to put it in .htaccess.

tl;dr: What is the right method to get the user IP behind a firewall?


If you control the server, Apache has mod_remoteip, which simplifies a lot of setup/configurations with reverse proxies.
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Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

Yup, remoteip is the proper way to do it, if you can, it can also make sure your server logs catch real user data instead of your proxy information.
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Awesome, thank you for the prompt replies! We have a VPS so we should be able to do this. Appreciate the amazing support of this community.