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Faded Green

Started by Gaia, April 07, 2006, 07:35:29 PM

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Link to the theme

A light green theme.

There are two files, one for SMF v1.0.x (FadedGreen_1_0_x) and one for SMF v1.1 RC1 (FadedGreen_1_1_x).

This hasn't been tested on SMF v1.1 RC2.

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I like this theme but when I try to install it on my board, it says, either corrupted or not comptible, forum version is 1.0.7 [nonactive] [nonactive] [nonactive] [nonactive]


Hey, sorry about the late response, i should really subscribe to my theme topics :P.

How are you installing the theme?
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A nice edition of classic theme ;)
Home of Elmacik


Thanks, glad you like ^_^.
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i love this theme and have it on 2 forums BUT for some reason the message icon is coming up as "x"   any ideas?


What icon specifically? You mean like PM message Icon? which one?
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Hey, This skin and your other skin TechBlue look really awesome, but they don't install with 1.0.8
When I try to install either one I get this error message:

An Error Has Occurred! 2: mkdir(/xxx/xxx/public_html/bbs/Themes/TechBlue_1_0_x/TechBlue_1_0_x/TechBlue/) [<a href='function.mkdir'>function.mkdir</a>]: No such file or directory
File: /xxx/xxx/public_html/bbs/Sources/Subs-Package.php
Line: 413
I am using:
SMF= 1.1.4
Arcade= 2.0.9
Tinyportal= v0.9.8


That is because they are not packaged correctly.  I was going to wait until 1.1 Final to fix these issues while i upgrade them, but i will try and get them working correctly by the end of Nov.

You will have to upload them manually. Meaning you will have to extract the zip file on your local drive and FTP the /TechBlue/ Folder to your Themes/ folder.
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Doesn't work on 1.1 Final :)
I love this theme, good look, easy read, really nice.


Congrats GAIA,

You have a cool theme.  I like it... [nonactive] [nonactive] [nonactive]


Just uploaded it using admin install from file. No graphics, just text.
smf 1.1