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Users Online: How to display who is viewing a certain mod?

Started by Gobo, May 27, 2006, 05:19:58 PM

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i wanted to ask if someone can kindly tell me how I can show someone to be doing a certain thing in the "user online" listing?

For example: In Arcade: it says --> Playing game in arcade
Whle posting it says ----> Posting in such and such board

So if I had a gallery how would I make it so that if the person was there instead of saying:

Unknown action

it would say "In Gallery"

Can someone help me out here thanks  :)


in who.yourlanguage.php in themes/default/languages, you can add entries for actions. For example if your action was "index.php?action=arcade" you would add:

$txt['whoall_arcade'] = 'Playing a game in the arcade.';

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oohhh perfect :D

Thanks Ill try that right now :D

Thank you so much :D