We would like to thank the following organizations for their sponsorship of Simple Machines.

Current Sponsors

  • The Best VPN

    TheBestVPN made a generous donation to keep the projects funded, for which we are very thankful!

  • Website Setup

    For their generous financial donation to the project and organization.

  • NameCheap

    For their generous donation of multiple domains, SSL certificates and a mirror server!

  • Hosting Facts

    A small donation to help developing amazing and secure software for the World.

  • The Blog Starter

    The Blog Starter made a generous donation to support Simple Machines in all the goals it tries to achieve!

  • Network Redux

    For their donation of server and their undying patience during our server move. Network Redux kindly donated a server that currently serves as a DNS server and download mirror.

Past Sponsors

  • Ubiquity Hosting Solutions - For their kind donation of a server which we used as a DNS server and download mirror for many years.
  • EZ Trade Live - For their considerable price reduction on two servers. EZ Trade Live provides quality pre-owned and refurbished servers
  • Web Hosting Choice - For its donation of $5,000 to our project.
  • O'Reilly Media, Inc - A huge thanks to O'Reilly for keeping us stocked with books which serve as prizes to our wacky and fun contests
  •, Inc - For its donation of $10,000 to our project!
  • Lewis Media - Original sponsor of SMF. Jeff Lewis and Joseph Fung managed all aspects of SMF during its infancy.