We would like to thank the following organizations for their sponsorship of Simple Machines.

Current Sponsors

  • The Best VPN
    TheBestVPN made a generous donation to keep the projects funded, for which we are very thankful!

  • Hosting Facts
    A small donation to help developing amazing and secure software for the World.

  • Restore Privacy
    For in-depth testing of the best VPN services and other privacy tools. We'd like to extend our gratitude for their generous donation!

  • Website Setup
    For their generous financial donation to the project and organization.

  • MetaPress
    Metapress provided a generous donation to help support our continued development of secure open source software.

  • The Blog Starter
    The Blog Starter made a generous donation to support Simple Machines in all the goals it tries to achieve!

  • NameCheap
    For their generous donation of multiple domains, SSL certificates and a mirror server!

  • Network Redux
    For their donation of server and their undying patience during our server move. Network Redux kindly donated a server that currently serves as a DNS server and download mirror.

  • BestVPN
    We'd like to thank BestVPN for making a generous donation to Simple Machines!

  • Deals Lands
    For shopaholics, who are looking out for great discounts or offers on online purchase can end their search at Deals Lands. We would like to thank them for their generous donation!

Past Sponsors

  • Ubiquity Hosting Solutions - For their kind donation of a server which we used as a DNS server and download mirror for many years.
  • EZ Trade Live - For their considerable price reduction on two servers. EZ Trade Live provides quality pre-owned and refurbished servers
  • Web Hosting Choice - For its donation of $5,000 to our project.
  • O'Reilly Media, Inc - A huge thanks to O'Reilly for keeping us stocked with books which serve as prizes to our wacky and fun contests
  •, Inc - For its donation of $10,000 to our project!
  • Lewis Media - Original sponsor of SMF. Jeff Lewis and Joseph Fung managed all aspects of SMF during its infancy.