Due to recent changes to the EU VAT rules regarding electronic "goods", we can not longer provide advertisement space to any individual or company within the EU. We apologize for the inconvenience, but, as a small business, we do not have the time, knowledge, or staff to track, charge, or keep records of every local tax. Also, taxing you for the advertisement service, in addition to the advertisement rate, would be unethical in our opinion.

Banner Details

Banner advertisements, the more popular of Simple Machines' two forms of sponsorship, are simple and easy to do. Banners are consistently displayed at the top of each page and are the standard 468x60 web banner size.

Banners must be 468x60, the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s standard size for banner ads, and in JPG, GIF, or animated GIF format. In consideration of our readers on slower connections, we ask that file sizes be kept below 30KB.

In order to keep fast page load times as well as improve security, we will host all banners and text off of our servers.

Since Simple Machines is a family oriented/safe site, banners that are pornographic or adult themed in nature will not be permitted. We retain the right to approve or deny any advertising campaign.


We base our prices off of impressions, and our banner packages start at 25,000 impressions. Once you have confirmed payment, you can complete your order by following our easy next steps.

Ad Prices
Impressions Package Rate Price/100k imp. Purchase
25,000 $29.95 USD $119.80 USD
50,000 $54.95 USD $109.90 USD
100,000 $99.95 USD $99.95 USD
200,000 $189.99 USD $94.99 USD
500,000 $449.95 USD $89.99 USD
3x 250,000 $649.95 USD $87.49 USD
3x 500,000 $1199.95 USD $79.99 USD

Time-based sponsorship packages are also available: If you prefer, we can run your ad for a pre-determined length of time. You can allow your sponsorship to be based on the traffic during those days.

If you are interested in doing something different, such as letting us administer your banner, or having a time-based ad (weekly, monthly, yearly), please contact [email protected]. We also offer custom plans designed for the larger advertising campaigns you may be interested in running.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Simple Machines! If you have any questions, or if you are itching to get started, just get in touch with us at [email protected]!

Other forms of Advertising

Simple Machines feels that our site should be a friendly, easy to navigate and not confusing to users. As such we only offer banner based advertising and have restricted all other forms of advertising from being used on our site at this time. This includes but not limited to text, flash/audio, redirection, or popups based advertisements. We retain the right to approve or deny any advertising campaign.