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or, so you clearly know the problem

--the mod added lines of code after the closing ?> in modifications.english.php

open your file, find the ?>, delete it form wherever it is and add it at the very end of the file (the last thing... no spaces, no carriage returns, nothing after it)

well........ I got on my server..... went to themes/default  and I don't see the Modifications.english.php file anywhere in there.......

 Is there another file extension or something......?

oh.... I uninstalled it........ would that make the file your talking about ...not show up.....

Sorry, Themes/default/languages/ not Themes/default/

Study Force:

--- Quote from: Liam_michael on June 04, 2012, 06:03:19 PM ---How do I make youtube videos posted in profiles have a custom width and length, seperate from what I programmed in the main settings?

--- End quote ---
Could someone please help me with this :(

ok ... I'll be back very soon..... I have to go reinstall......


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