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Gallery features
Auto-embedder features
License agreement
How to upgrade
Gallery converters
Supported video/audio sites
Auto-embedder support
ModifyAevaSettings() errors
Controlling auto-embedding
About Aeva Media's sitelist updates                   

Aeva Media v2.0

A free and full-featured gallery system
and auto-embedding mod,
for SMF 1.1.x and SMF 2.0.

Developed by Nao/Gilles
© /
Official Website/Demo - Sandbox


Aeva stands for "Auto-Embed Video & Audio". It used to be a mod specifically designed to automatically embed video links posted in forum messages. Now, it's no longer the case. I've merged it with my other 'big' mod, SMF Media Gallery, helping broaden both mods' future.
Also, although Aeva Media is starting as 1.0, it doesn't mean it's older than Aeva 7. Of course it's the opposite, but I figured it'd be easier to users of both Aeva and SMG to have a clean slate rather than having Aeva Media start at version 8.0 (new Aeva) or version 3.0 (new SMG).

Beware, if you want to install Aeva Media, you need to uninstall BOTH Aeva and SMF Media Gallery!

Gallery features

  • Create albums and sub-albums with unlimited levels
  • Decide who can upload to them (per user or per membergroup), choose who can view your items, or browse your albums. Allow or ban specific users.
  • Supports Images, Audio and Video files, and embedding videos from Youtube, Dailymotion etc.
  • Track which items you haven't viewed yet (similar to SMF's Unread Posts)
  • Search, preview, rate, comment and embed items! It must be worth the exclamation mark!
  • Approval/Unapproval system for comments, items and user albums
  • Powerful permission and security features, including password protection
  • Supports Exif data (no PHP modules required), GD2, ImageMagick and FFMpeg
  • Highslide lightbox animations when opening items
  • An exhaustive control panel for admins to play with
  • Mass Upload, Profile areas, video thumbnails...
  • Embed tag, allows you to post items into your messages
  • Per-album permissions!
  • Membergroup quotas along with per-album quotas
  • Per-album or gallery-wide custom fields
  • Can upload any filetype, including documents and custom extensions
  • Mass upload through FTP (admins only)
  • Mass downloads (zip file with selected files from any album)
  • And much, much more... Why spoil the fun?
Starting from v2.0 (only available through, Aeva Media also boasts these features:

  • User Playlists: Give membergroups the permission to create user playlists. Create playlists by simply visiting any item page and clicking the Playlists drop menu and then select "Add to Playlist". Organize your favorites easily and browse them like an album!
  • JavaScript + Flash Playlists: Show nice little Flash-powered playlists in these topics, or pretty much anywhere else, based on user playlists or anything you want (one or more items, one or more albums...)
  • Linked topics: Create (or not) a linked notification topic automatically when adding/editing an album. You can use this to close per-item comments and have everyone comment on albums instead, or subscribe to topic notifications, or harness the power of other topic-related mods. See it in action at Foxprog, which is entirely built on user playlists, Flash playlists and linked topics. Remember, you can do this with any file type!
  • Post button: Add a button to the post area, which opens a popup that will allow you to upload an item and insert it into your message in as few clicks as possible.
  • Embedding of remotely hosted pictures: Picasa, Photobucket, Imageshack, anything you can think of. Thumbnails and previews will be created as needed, but the main files themselves will always stay hosted remotely.
  • RSS feeds: All albums and items now offer RSS feeds to keep you updated for:
    * Latest items - user profiles, albums, album with children, or the entire gallery.
    * Latest comments - items, user profiles, albums, album with children, or the entire gallery.
Auto-embedder features

You can now automatically embed video and audio clips by posting the clip's URL into your SMF forum posts from over 200 sites (hundreds if you count the supported networks), including YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Google Video, MySpace, Facebook, Veoh...
No need for BBCode or messy embed HTML. And if a user posts the embed html code for a site, it'll be turned automatically into a nice little furry harmless link.

Just copy the URL from your address bar into a post (like, and Aeva Media will do the rest. It's the ultimate user-friendly way of posting clips. YouTube videos will automatically appear in HD and Widescreen if available and enabled.

  • Works for all languages. Will fall back to the English version if your own language is missing.
  • Contains English and French translations. You can find more languages at Aeva Media translations or in SMF-Media's download area. You can even submit your own.
  • Admin settings aplenty. Enable/disable embedding, allow embed code fix, use Javascript to embed videos (which is recommended), inline upgrade of Flash version, debug mode for admins, allow for video embedding into quotes or in the middle of sentences...
    - Lookups will grab the actual video url/filename when posting a new link.
    - Enables support for dozens of sites. Embed local or remote files (except for attachments), such as MP3, MP4, FLV, DivX, Avi, SWF, RM, WMV, MOV...
    - And so on.
  • The site list is optimized to use only the features you enabled, and it's automatically updated when a new version is available. You only need to visit the admin area if you want to enable newly added sites. You can also force an immediate check for sitelist updates (instead of daily checks) through the admin area, or by going to a forum page where Aeva Media is in use (e.g. a video is visible), and adding ";checkaeva" to the URL. This can be restricted to admins via the admin area.
  • Create your own custom site lists or per-site settings, such as custom video dimensions. More details in the Aeva-Custom-Example.php file.
  • Users can select on-the-fly their preferred embed size, normal or maximum (saved in a cookie)
  • No manual edits required for custom themes. No conflicts with mods that provide support for a single website with custom BBCode and a video ID. But you'll never want to use them again. Just use the conversion script included in the package to convert old BBCode.
  • Completely safe and secure: Aeva Media controls everything your users post. It even disables remote script access.
  • If you're not sure, be happy -- embedding of external videos will NOT consume your bandwidth!
License agreement

Aeva Media is completely free to use, even on commercial websites. But if you wish to use this software, you will be bound by the Aeva Media license agreement. Please make sure to read file license_am.txt, at the root of this package. It can also be viewed online at If you don't follow the license terms, you will be exposed to potential damage such as a lawsuit, complete and utter humiliation in public, and not finding your shoes when you're already late for work.


  • Created and Developed by Nao/Gilles
  • Gallery system: originally created by Dragooon
  • Auto-embed system: originally created by Karl Benson
  • 3rd party scripts : Exifixer, getid3, Highslide, JW Player, Yahoo! UI Uploader

ANY version of SMF 1.1.x and SMF 2.0 will do. (In the case of SMF2, the only supported version is the latest. Because there are too many changes between each release.)
All previous versions of this mod MUST be uninstalled BEFORE installing this version. Also, make sure to backup your database and files first.

How to install/upgrade

  • Uninstall older versions (if already installed).
  • Install the new version.
  • Go to the admin area, play with the settings. On first install, set permissions up!
  • And you are done! There will be no data loss.
Gallery converters

Three converters are available for making your evaluation of Aeva Media easier. You can run AM along with another gallery system, they will not conflict with each other. You can download the converters from the official mod page, under the name Gallery The file contains three folders. Just extract the converter.php from the gallery system you're interested in.


  • A working Coppermine (bridged with SMF), SMF Gallery Lite or SMF Gallery Pro installation to convert from.
  • A working fresh Aeva Media installation on the same forum. Make sure it is working normally first.
How to convert

  • Extract and upload the converter.php file to your forum's root where the SSI.php and index.php files are located.
  • Run it from your browser.
  • Follow the steps on screen, it should do the conversion by itself.
Note: this will wipe out preexisting Aeva Media gallery items, if there are any. However, your Coppermine or SMF Gallery will remain unaffected before and after the conversion.

Coppermine Gallery to Aeva Media converter
Note: it is only tested with CPG 1.4.x.

What it converts

  • Items
  • Albums (all types)
  • Comments
SMF Gallery Lite to Aeva Media converter
SMF Gallery Pro to Aeva Media converter
Note: these converters are certified for use with SMF Gallery Lite 1.9 and the equivalent SMF Gallery Pro version, and theoretically should also convert later versions as well.

What they convert

  • Items
  • Categories
  • Comments
  • Reports
Supported video/audio sites [* Requires lookups to be enabled]

Supports 173 Video Sites including:

  • YouTube, YouTube (Playlists), Dailymotion, Google Video, BBC News* (now with audio), BBC Iplayer (UK Only), MetaCafe, Veoh, 123video, Facebook, 5min Life Videopedia, 9You, ABC News*, AdultSwim, AlloCiné, AniBoom, Apple Trailers*,*, Atom*, Bebo*, Blip*, BoFunk*, BombayTV, Break*, Broadcaster*, CarPix Tv, Cellfish, Clarin,, ClipFish (Old), ClipFish (New), ClipJunkie, ClipLife, ClipMoon, Clipser, ClipShack, Cold-Link, CollegeHumor, ComedyCentral(Inc. TheDailyShow), Crackle, CrunchyRoll*, Culture Pub*, Current*, Dailyhaha,*, DotSub (w/o Captions), DoubleViking*,, Dv.ouou, EASportsWorld*, EbaumsWorld Videos*, ESPN, Excessif, ExposureRoom, Flickr Video, FunnyOrDie, G4TV, GameKyo, GameSpot, GameTrailers (Inc. User Movies),, GameVideos.1up, GarageTv*, Gloria, Glumbert, GodTube, GotGame*, GrassRoots ItvLocal, GrindTv*, Guba, TheHub, Hulu (Usa Only)*, Humour*,*, IGN, IMDB*, Imeem (Video)*, ImageShack, IndyaRocks, Izlesene, Jokeroo, Joost, JujuNation Video, JumpCut, JustinTV, Koreus, (Videos), (YouTube videos), Libero, LiveLeak, LiveVideo, Machinima (Old), Machinima (New), Mogulus/Livestream, MyTaratata,, MegaVideo, Milliyet*, MoFile, MotionBox, Mpora, Mpora TV, MSN Live/Soapbox, MtvU (Usa Only), Multiply, MyNet, MySoccerMedia*,*, MySpaceTv, MyVideo, MyVi*, M Thai, NhacCuaTui, OffUHuge, The Onion*, OnSmash, Photobucket, PikNikTube, Putfile, Rambler, RawVegas, Revver, RuTube, SevenLoad, ShareView, Sharkle*, Sina Podcast, Smotri, Snotr, SouthPark Studios,, Spike, SportsLine (CBS Sports), StageHD*, Streetfire*, StupidVideos*, TagTele, TinyPic, Tm-Tube, TrailerAddict*, TrTube*, Trilulilu,*, Tudou, UOL VideoLog, Ustream*, UUME, u-Tube, vbox7, Vholdr, VideoJug*,, Vidiac, Viddler*, Videa, VideoNuz*, VidiLife*, VidMax, Vimeo, Vidivodo*, VSocial (Type1), VSocial (Type2),*, WeGame, Wipido*, Yahoo Video*, Yahoo Video HK, Yahoo Music Videos, Yandex*, YouKu
  • Several networks of video-sharing sites which account for hundreds of extra video-sharing sites. These networks include, Kaltura* (blog and Wikipedia embedding), Kewego*, Truveo* (meta search engine)...
Supports 19 Audio Sites including:

  • BooMp3, Deezer, Deezer (Playlists), Deezer (Radio), Divshare (audio only), EbaumsWorld Audio*, GoEar, iJigg, Imeem (Music)*, Jamendo, JujuNation Audio, (Audio), (Artist pages), Mp3tube*, MusOpen*, Passionato (Single Preview), Passionato (Playlist Preview), Project Playlist, Seeqpod
Supports 8 Other Sites including:

  • Google Maps, Imeem (Playlists)*, NewGrounds*, Orb, ScreenToaster, Scribd*, Slide*, VoiceThread
Auto-embedder support

  • If a YouTube video doesn't automatically switch to Widescreen when available, make sure lookups are enabled in the admin area. If your server doesn't support them, you can still manually add #ws-hd at the end of an URL for Widescreen HD.
  • Aeva Media only converts active links, so make sure the setting "Automatically link posted URLs" is enabled (Admin > Posts & Topics > Bulletin Board Code)
  • A recent version of Adobe Flash Player is required (at least 9.0).
  • If you get a "We're sorry, this video is no longer available" message on YouTube videos, this is not an Aeva Media bug. It can either be due to the video not being embeddable (make sure lookups are enabled to check for these when posting), or simply to its streaming server being under maintenance. Try to play it again later.
  • If you're having Error 500-type crashes on your server, try to disable SMF's "compressed output" feature in your server settings, and ask Santa Claus for a better server next Christmas.
ModifyAevaSettings() errors

Please refer to this every time someone posts an error message mentioning that function.

  • "Undefined function" error -> this is a mod screwing up your install (it could possibly be any mod, but AjaxChat is the better known one.) It doesn't follow SMF guidelines for its install script. It's not Aeva Media's fault. Quick workaround: make sure to install Aeva Media before you install that mod. It's already cost me hours in explaining the same thing again and again, I will no longer be replying to this kind of request.
  • "Already defined" error -> this is a SMF limitation. It doesn't try to check whether you already installed a mod before. As a result, if you don't uninstall a mod before reinstalling it, everything will be copied twice. This is a problem on ALL PACKAGES and can only be fixed by educating yourself on how to install packages in current versions of SMF. Quick workaround: apart from being careful next time, there is none. You'll have to uninstall Aeva manually, file by file. It's not a big mod though, so it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.
Controlling auto-embedding

Disabling Embedding In Posts

  • Use [noembed][/noembed] BBCode to prevent a link from being converted. Also, if the related setting is enabled, videos inserted in a sentence are not embedded (they're only shown when they're at the beginning of a line), so you can use that to your benefit.
Disabling Embedding In Specific Areas

  • Embedding is automatically disabled in signatures, printer pages and SMF2's WYSIWYG editor. You may want to be able to disable it for other sections, such as a Shoutbox.
  • Just find the position, in the relevant source file, where data is put through the "parse_bbc" function. Then on the line BEFORE it, add the code below. If there's a chance the string you're going to parse is empty, make sure to unset the following call (unset($context['aeva_disable']);) after the parse_bbc() that follows it.

      $context['aeva_disable'] = 1;

About Aeva Media's sitelist updates

For various reasons, which I already explained elsewhere, I put an end to the auto-embedder's frenetic development cycle in May 2009. I resumed work a few months later to fix YouTube issues and then decided to merge it with my other popular package, SMG.
Regarding the auto-embedder's features, I will only keep working on its sitelist updates. Do not expect more features to be added on the YouTube front. They did their best to prevent me from doing it, so it's not worth it.

Do NOT request for a website to be integrated to the Aeva Media sitelist. I will refuse, unless you're prepared to pay, or the website is a very successful one and I'm interested in adding it. Otherwise, use the Custom file for adding sites yourself. It's not that hard. You just need to read a regex tutorial.
Feel free to post somewhere if an existing site is broken, though. At worst, I'll remove support for it. At best, I'll fix it.
Also -- no basic tech support from me.

Support and updates for the mod can be found at Do not use its gallery system for your tests, though. The actual sandbox can be found here.
If you find any issues, please make sure they have not been reported/fixed before reporting them!

Thank you for using Aeva Media! Enjoy!

Link to changelog

(Updated on August 1st, 2010.)

What's the difference between Aeva Lite, Aeva Media 1.x and 2.x?
- The Aeva Lite line is what used to be called 'Aevac', back several years ago. It has the auto-embedder module that no SMF forum can go without. You just post the URL of a YouTube video and it embeds automatically. You can do that for hundreds of different video websites. That mod had a life of its own, until I stopped working on it. No further features will be added to it.

- The Aeva Media 1.x line is the free version of the complete software. It has both the auto-embedder, and a full-featured gallery module that you can use for storing pictures, video, audio files, any type of document, and even remote videos using the auto-embedder. It was previously known as SMF Media Gallery.
It is available to anyone, and is still is by far the best gallery software available for SMF. I'm only saying this because some people seem to think that since the new versions have gone commercial, the earlier software suddently turned bad overnight. I will release critical fixes and security updates to it whenever needed, so don't worry about that. It just won't ever have new features. Just fill your gallery with stuff and be happy with it. The only limit now, is your imagination.

- The Aeva Media 2.x line is where all my efforts will go now. It is only available to customers. This is also the only version I support, and the only version I work on. It gets RSS feeds, linked topics, user playlists (such as favorites), Javascript playlists (see), and plenty of things. The only limit now, is my imagination. And the size of your pockets.

Where can I get Aeva Media 1.x/2.x?
Direct download link:

How can I purchase version 2.x?
Just register for an account at (make sure to provide a valid e-mail address -- I'm not using them for anything, because I'm as privacy-conscious as you are), go to your profile page and select "Paid subscriptions". Follow the instructions.

Should I purchase it, really?
It's up to you.
- Do you like the software enough? Read the changelogs for the new line.
- Do you want to be sure you'll get support from the author whenever you get a problem with your server?
- Is your gallery making you some money? If yes, you may want to consider contributing.
- The more copies I sell, the longer I'll work on this. If, like me, you think Aeva Media could turn over time into a megastructure with its own power supplies, ecology and government, then keep in touch.
- Plus, you get the new versions. Cherry on top. And you know what happens when I work on this thing. I do stuff. It's magic.

Why did you switch to a commercial model?
For several reasons. My first reaction was to stop providing support for Aeva Media entirely, after so many trollers and stupid people came to the official boards and made my life miserable for some time. I also never was made a moderator on this very board, which sounds silly when you know there would be no such board if I hadn't had such success with Aeva Media. I couldn't seriously provide support on a board where I can't control what trollers do.
Then I stopped working on Aeva Media at all, after I resigned from my SMF Beta Tester position. After that, I got offered a developer position at SMF, and just didn't have the time to work on it. Then, to make things short, I realized some important information had been voluntarily concealed from me and I quit the developer group in protest. As I felt used, I considered removing all of my mods from the customization site and leave the SMF community entirely. My girlfriend suggested I should instead sell Aeva Media. Then forum users started saying my girlfriend's very smart. Yes she is. And you know what, women are always right anyway.

I don't care, I'm uninstalling!
It's a free world... Heck, I've seen someone say that he'll switch to vBulletin as protest for Aeva Media going commercial. Have I news for you, vBulletin *is* the most commercial of all forum systems. But he's still free to be dumb.
But now, what will you switch to? The alternative has to be free, right? So PhotoPost is out (and it's ugly anyway.)
And it has to tie into SMF at least a bit. Let's see.
- SMF Gallery. Its free version has less features than Aeva Media 1.x, and its commercial version, at $50/year, is way overpriced in my opinion. (I'm still entitled to an honest opinion, am I not?)
- You can also use gallery mods that aren't tied into SMF at all. There are SMF bridges for Coppermine and Gallery2, for instance. Beware, though: these are complicated and buggy systems, too. I never managed to correctly setup Coppermine's permission system. And some people think Aeva Media's is complex! As for Gallery2, it takes hours just to upload its files, and you need to take a 2-year course just to change the default theme.
- You may also wait for someone else to start making their own gallery mod. But then again, I worked fulltime on the free version for two years, with help from Dragooon for the first year. So it's worth three years of work. Who else would do that for free? Another Nao?

Really, I wouldn't be working on a commercial version of Aeva Media if I wasn't absolutely sure that the free version isn't already the best possible gallery mod available for SMF and can safely be used by anyone who can't afford to pay for a gallery mod. It's my signature move.

Why did you move the mod to another website?
Because I'm a control freak. No, seriously, I'd been planning to do that for a very long time. I just think SMF's customization site is horribly made. For instance, just updating a file silently would reset its download counter. Power to the author! Plus, that allows me to use and showcase Aeva Media as a download manager, and get away from the influence of simplemachines. And finally, I can put my other mods into the same download page. Which is lovely. The sitelist is still available on the SMF mod site if you're using an old version of Aeva Lite.

Where can I do what?
- The official place for Aeva Media 1.x support is here. The author might read the topic sometimes, and maybe even reply. No guarantees though.

- The official place for Aeva Media 2.x support is (this is where you'll be getting priority support from the author.)

- The ONLY place for TESTING gallery features (and nothing else) is You can see Aeva Media 2.x in action at, but please don't create albums or post pictures just to test them. It's a live website and I don't want to annoy my users with that.

- The ONLY place for downloading Aeva Media is here.


I'm running version x.xx of Aeva. Do I have to uninstall this before installing version y.yy? ->
I updated Aeva, but videos are shown twice? ->
Embed Local Files - what does that mean? ->
Where do I find/add translations for this mod? ->
Manual Installation/removal of Mods ->
I want to change the size of the embedded videos. How do I do that? ->

Is there any way of adding permissions to users, or are there already permissions settings in the mod? ->
external embedding disabled - what does that mean? ->
Video embedding by Aeva, © Noisen - this is on all pages in the bottom of my forum. How can I remove it? ->
I want to get a video site added that you don't support with Aeva. What do I do now? ->
Can my users force a video not to be embedded? ->

Aeva is not working with some videos - "external embedding disabled" ->
After installing this mod, my forum loads the pages much slower! ->
The videos on my site are not the same size! ->
Some videos will show to some users, but others can't play them! ->
The videos for site xxx stopped working from one day to the next! ->
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare xxx  ->


Installation answers:
I'm running version x.xx of Aeva. Do I have to uninstall this before installing version y.yy?
Always! Do make sure everything is deleted, before installing a newer or older version.

I updated Aeva, but videos are shown twice?
You did not uninstall the old version the right way, didn't uninstall it at all, or the removal didn't go as expected. You will have to manually remove code that is left from the installation!

Embed Local Files - what does that mean?
It means that Aeva can automatically embed files that are places on your webserver - under the same domain as where your SMF forum is installed.
Just post the html link to the video like you would do with a Youtube video, and the video will be embedded.

Where do I find/add translations for this mod?

Manual Installation/removal of Mods
To install/remove the mod manually, check Manual Installation of Mods

I want to change the size of the embedded videos. How do I do that?
You need to edit the Subs-Aeva-Custom-Example.php file, found in your ./Sources folder of your forum. Read it carefully!

Here's a quick guide:
Rename Subs-Aeva-Custom-Example.php to Subs-Aeva-Custom.php and edit the new file only!
To change the embeded size for vimeo, look for it in Subs-Aeva-Sites.php. Here's the first par of the code, belonging to Vimeo:
      'id' => 'vimeo',
      'title' => 'Vimeo',
      'website' => '',
      'type' => 'pop',
      'added' => '<4.0',

As you can see, the ID for vimeo is.. ->> 'id' => 'vimeo',
We now need that ID.

Go back to Subs-Aeva-Custom.php and delete the part:


   foreach ($sites as $si => $te)
      // Always hide local mp3 player's URL
      if ($te['id'] == 'local_mp3')
         $sites[$si]['show-link'] = false;
      // Set YouTube's HD videos to the same size as normal widescreen - you can also do: unset($sites[$si]['size']['hd']);
      if ($te['id'] == 'ytb')
         $sites[$si]['size']['hd'] = array(640, 385);


Replace it with similar code to this:

   foreach ($sites as $si => $te)
      if ($te['id'] == 'vimeo') {
         $sites[$si]['size'] = array(680, 510);

... where 680 is your new width, and 510 is your new height.

For each new site you want to add to the list, just copy the code:
      if ($te['id'] == 'vimeo') {
         $sites[$si]['size'] = array(680, 510);

... and give it a new ID according to the sites ID in Subs-Aeva-Sites.php.

Youtube is a little more complicated, so here's a full example changing embedded size for both Youtube as well as Vimeo:

   foreach ($sites as $si => $te)

      if ($te['id'] == 'ytb') {
         $sites[$si]['size']['normal'] = array(500, 404);
          $sites[$si]['size']['hd'] = array(650, 500);
         $sites[$si]['size']['ws'] = array(680, 549);

      if ($te['id'] == 'vimeo') {
         $sites[$si]['size'] = array(680, 510);


Note! To make your changes take place, you have to go to the Admin center and save your Aeva Sites list!!!!!

Usage answers:
Is there any way of adding permissions to users, or are there already permissions settings in the mod?
There are no permissions in the mod, and there never will be.

external embedding disabled - what does that mean?
It means that the site you are embedding the video from, do not allow people to embed the video on external webpages, as Aeva does. It is mainly because the creator of the video has chosen not to allow this. Nothing to do about it!

Video embedding by Aeva, © Noisen - this is on all pages in the bottom of my forum. How can I remove it?
That is a copyright, and you are not allowed to remove it. If you want to remove it anyway, ask Nao.

I want to get a video site added that you don't support with Aeva. What do I do now?
You can add it yourself, by looking at the file Subs-Aeva-Custom-Example.php. You will find this file in your ./Sources folder of your forum. Read the help in the file carefully! You will have to have some knowledge of regex (don't ask if you don't know) to add your own sites.
Nao will also do the job for you, but only by payment. Ask him!
Do not edit the Subs-Aeva-Sites.php file where all the other embedded sites originally are added! The file is automatically updated once in a while. Your changes will get deleted! However, you can use that file to see how other embedded sites are coded.

Can my users force a video not to be embedded?
You can use the [nobbc] tag to prevent embedding. If you have some text in front of the link on the same line, it should also not be embedded.
To use the [nobbc] tag, post a video link as followed:

Errors answers:

After installing this mod, my forum loads the pages much slower!
The only reason for this should be if you, in your admin center, enabled embedding for all the sites that Aeva supports. When you save the Aeva Site list in the admin center, a file is (re)created with code for each enabled site on your list.
With over 200 supported sites by Aeva, some slower servers will be stressed by this. The solution is to uncheck sites you don't think you have any need for. Go to Admin -> Features and Options -> Aeva Sites, then uncheck the sites you don't need. Remember to save by clicking the [Save] button in the bottom of the page!

The videos on my site are not the same size!
Aeva embeds the videos in the same sizes as on the original pages of the videos. For sites like Youtube, the sizes varies depending on the quality level of the videos. You can tweak Aeva to use the sizes you want, by editing the file Subs-Aeva-Custom-Example.php.
Do not edit the Subs-Aeva-Sites.php file where all the settings for each video site are! The file is automatically updated once in a while. Your changes will get deleted at some point!
Read more here: I want to change the size of the embedded videos. How do I do that?

Some videos will show to some users, but others can't play them!
Some sites like BBC do not allow embedding for users outside UK. So if you are on the wrong IP address, the files can be dissalowed for some users to see.

The videos for site xxx stopped working from one day to the next!
Many sites change their site code from time to time. So one day, you will be able to embed from a site, the next day you won't. It's something we will have to live with.
If a site goes dead, ask Nao if he can fix it.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare xxx
You have somehow double installed parts of, or the whole mod. Uninstall everything manually, then reinstall. Check Manual Installation/removal of Mods
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Nao 尚

I'm guessing that the split means you're supposed to post here, now ;)
This board is post moderated so your messages won't show up until some moderator approves them.

Don't forget to read the first message in this topic. Especially the parts in huge red text. It most likely has the answer to your question.
I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.

Aeva Media rocks your life.


I am not sure I like the idea of a post moderated board. I hope that does not lead to too much censorship.


It's a shame it had to come to this.  You do good work, Nao.  Keep it up.



may i suggest you add $context['aeva_disable'] = 1; in the MessageIndex.php

Indeed there are some parse_bbc() around line 480, which are needlessly using Aeva to parse content.
On my board the time to generate the messageindex of boards which contained messages with included videos increased by 400%+

Simply adding the $context['aeva_disable'] = 1 to the MessageIndex.php, before calling the parse_bbc, fixed the issue.

w/o Patch
"Page générée en 0.516 secondes avec 36 requêtes."

"Page générée en 0.108 secondes avec 38 requêtes."

Same goes for Recent.php
There are three lines where the messages get parsed just to get the first 128 characters out of it for summary purposes.


Nao 尚

You'll have to do this by yourself. Disabling these bits would mean that if a custom theme uses MessageIndex.php's or Recent.php's parsing to show previews, videos won't be shown in them.

I would actually recommend removing the call to parse_bbc() altogether if your theme isn't using these previews.
I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.

Aeva Media rocks your life.


There won't be any censorship at all if people will keep their questions relevant and leave the stuff that requires moderation out. :)

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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I did not disable the parse_bbc altogether in case i change theme in the future, yet i believe this is something worth mentioning for themes not using previews as the cost is quite high. The increase in page processing was puzzling at first until i understood what was happening.

Back to testing SMG then  ;)


Just wanted to say thank you for this great Mod Nao!!


I just wanted to stop by and say I am sorry for my earlier posts. I was foolish for not digging deeper before I asked. I see why you are frustrated now after reflecting on some of the posts I dug through after and monitoring this topic. I like the fact there are not 252 pages to sift through and that the first post is more obvious. That being said this post doesn't need to be posted really as long as Nao sees it to keep down the clutter. 

Again I am sorry for my earlier posts. 



usually.... if you have to ask "Is this impolite enough to be moderated?" then the answer is "yes, it is"....   So don't do it. :)

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

"Loki is not evil, although he is certainly not a force for good. Loki is... complicated."


This mod is a great mod.

Props to you for making it.


I'm running 6.9.99 do I have to uninstall this before putting 6.9.100 on?

Apologies if that's a stupid question  :P


I updated to this version but now all the videos I post are duplicated


Is there any way off adding a permissions to this.

For example I have a V.I.P only board that i would like to set so only vip members can see the auto embeded videos

Nao 尚

@nbk> thanks ;) I'm still unhappy having had to remove the whole YouTube quality changing functionality... It sucks :(
@sepulchre> yes if you don't know how to update manually. No if you have some experience. Just update the modified files in their respective folders (beware, Aeva.english.php is in the root but must be put into your languages folder.)
@tbk> you installed the new version without uninstalling first?
I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.

Aeva Media rocks your life.



If you'll recall from the previous thread you wrote:
Quotekai, very odd indeed... I'm not getting this on my side. However, I'm getting an error nonetheless. In Subs-Aeva-Admin.php, add this at line 638:

Code:    if (!empty($page))
(Right before the settings_title line.)

It goes to show that ModifyAevaSettings() is called by the SMF search engine. I have absolutely no idea why, I never used that internal admin search engine. Is there anyone out there who could give me a clue?

I inserted the    if (!empty($page)) code before the line as suggested but it still changes the browser title.

Has anyone else noticed the browser title changing in the admin search?


hello when i post a link it just shows me the video link and it shows external embedding disabled :( how do i enable it :(

EDIT : i am sorry the video i was trying the embed was disabled embedding by its author .. problem is solved
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I have a problem with this mod I wanted to know if you could help.

At the bottom of every page weather loged in or not under the SMF copyright details it says.

  Video embedding by Aeva, © Noisen

How can i get rid of it