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Svi fontovi se prikazuju kako treba kod pisanja postova ili privatnih poruka. Na forumu nisam ništa menjao niti konvertovao, na samom početku je podešeno na utf8.

Da li bi ovo trebalo da se odnosi na collation tabelu?

Za Database server je podešeno: Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8).
Français (French) / Re: Coppermine Photo Gallery et paramètres
« Last post by GravuTrad on Today at 02:26:10 PM »
Qu'est ce que tu as dans "FTP"
Estoy teniendo problemas a la hora que compran una membresia VIP. No se activa en automatico la categoria VIP, y al entrar al Admin de suscripciones aparece el usuario y fecha de un pago, pero no aparece como activa, mas bien sale "Pago Pendiente"

Y tengo que entrar y activar yo la cuenta manualmente...
in your php settings on your server for server side scripts there is a setting for sessions- where the system will abandon data idle for more than X seconds... Apache2.4 and 5.6~7.1 php default is 1440 seconds.  this can be changed to whatever... i wager your hosts reduced it to a much shorter period.  ask them (or if you have access check it yourself) to extend php sessions to at least 1440 seconds. 
Theme Previews / Darkec [Responsive 2.1]
« Last post by Boban ツ on Today at 01:24:01 PM »
Hi everyone...
I am working on a new theme for SMF2.1, i have many plans for theme. For now I am design only the index page. Soon will be more...  :D

Na forumu inače možeš bez problema da pišeš sa latiničnim/ćiriličnim slovima, i prikazuju se kako treba?
Jel ti forum sam konvertovan u utf8?
Koji je collation tabela kada udješ u phpMyAdmin?
Za board ikone ti treba mod:

A da uklonis SMF logo udji u Index.template.php fajl tvoje teme i pronadji kod koji vuče tu sliku, te ga ukloni.
SMF Coding Discussion / Re: How-to Add Database column
« Last post by SoftAid on Today at 12:52:33 PM »
Hallo SaltedWeb,

I'm from Belgium, but that doesn't mean I'am not familiar with the mentality of the American people. I have relatives living in Denver, Colorado, in Los Angeles, en Florida. We used to travel much to the states, traveling with a van from the East to the West when I was young(er). Now, I'm going to become 70, the flight is to long, the ride is to heavy.

But I do understand your concern. It's my concern to.

I learned a lot today, about myself (going in defense-mode to easily), I learned that there are many ways to solve a problem, I learned that no-one is perfect, not even me :).

I also will keep you advice in mind, and change the rules of my site, pointing that for the safety of the members, PM's MAY been checked if necessary. So no-one can blame me.

Altogether it was a good day. Thanks to all of you.
From Belgium, with lots of respect,

Buenas, me gustaría saber si existe algún permiso o mod, que en algún foro especifico los usuarios SOLO puedan ver los temas creados por ellos.
All convertor downloads broken
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