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SMF 1.1.x Support / Upgrading from v1.1.10
« Last post by CyberShadow on Today at 10:57:11 PM »
Hi. I have inherited a forum running version 1.1.10..... which has obviously now stopped working with the PHP update. So, time to upgrade.

I know that the database format was changed with v2 (I think). What are the necessary steps to upgrade to the latest version? I assume that I cant just patch the latest version over, and a previous version will be required to reformat the data correctly?

NOT a "fresh install"

Load a clean set of files.

 Those are very different actions
I'll restore the database and then do the fresh file install like suggested.

SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: Fatal Error installing 2.014
« Last post by Kindred on Today at 10:28:16 PM »
Upgrade your php to at least 5.4.  (6.x or 7.x is recommended)
Well, the hooks were in the database...   so, you need to restore that, not the files.
SMF 2.0.x Support / Fatal Error installing 2.014
« Last post by CaptPorridge on Today at 10:11:48 PM »
Here's the error I got following the usual "installed successfully" message

Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /home/peterdal/public_html/smu/Sources/Load.php on line 142

My site:

Any help. Totally clueless about how to proceed.
At this point, your best bet would be to upload a clean set of files (see the FAQ on how to do that )

I plan on doing this tomorrow :) thank you :)
Se não recebeste o email, é porque não configuraste bem o fórum. Essa é uma das coisas mais importantes a fazer quando se instala um fórum como admin.
Resta-te ir à base de dados apagar o email que lá está no teu perfil (se o souberes fazer) ou instalar o fórum de novo.

Vou ne qual tabela do forum?
I actually took a backup the second it came back online, so I am now uploading my entire /forum directory again (and replacing all files)

I assume that it will be still borked unless I also upload the database backup?

Edit will I also have to get the server host to fix the link between the two again? Or is there something I could do?

Modifications and Packages / Re: nCode Image Resizer
« Last post by vbgamer45 on Today at 09:48:36 PM »
No it is not requires changes.
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