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not related to color, output related to passwd.
I did NULL and fixedit.
Thank you very much.
Modifications and Packages / Re: Tabs In Posts
« Last post by pocttopus on Today at 10:35:07 AM »
@pocttopus:  Oh, I didn't think of that.  I'll implement it in a little while....
Thanks!  ;) :)
Admin panelden ayarlaniyor  bu  dosyalarla filan alakasi yok profil ayarlari ile alakali
Español (Spanish) / Error: Undefined index: permissions
« Last post by jafl on Today at 09:51:59 AM »
Hola, de repente el foro ha comenzado a lanzar estos dos errores continuamente no hemos modificado nada, al menos intencionamente y no sabemos a que puede ser debido.
Aplicar filtro: Mostrar sólo los mensajes de error con este mensaje
8: Undefined index: permissions
Aplicar filtro: Mostrar sólo los errores de este archivo
Archivo: /home/pagina/public_html/Sources/Security.php
Línea: 831     

Aplicar filtro: Mostrar sólo los mensajes de error de esta URL
Aplicar filtro: Mostrar sólo los mensajes de error con este mensaje
2: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given
Aplicar filtro: Mostrar sólo los errores de este archivo
Archivo: /home/pagina/public_html/Sources/Security.php
Línea: 831

Informacion foro:
Versión 2.0.15
Tema : Curve

Paquetes instalados:
1.     Tapatalk SMF 2.0 Plugin    4.1.0   
2.    SMF 2.0.15 Update    1.0   
3.    SMFPacks Media Embedder    1.0.3   
4.    SMF 2.0.14 Update    1.0   
5.    Google Analytics Code    1.5.1   
6.    SMF 2.0.13 Update    1.0   
7.    SMF 2.0.12 Update    1.0   
8.    Simple Audio Video Embedder    3.6.2   
9.    Ohara YouTube Embed    1.2.6   
10.    Cloudflare IP Referral Support    1.2   
11.    SMF 2.0.11 Update    1.0   
12.    SMF 1.1.21 / 2.0.10 Update    1.0   
13.    SMF 1.1.20 / 2.0.9 Update    1.0   
14.    SMF 2.0.8 Update    1.0   
15.    EU Cookie    1.2   
16.    Links2Revenue    1.0   
17.    SEO Sitemap    2.2.1   
18.    FB & Twitter Sharer Mod 2.0    2.0   
19.    Google +1 Topics    1.0

Muchas gracias por la ayuda
Hi all,
i have set the option in registration options to make isReservedName match the entire name, not just part of name,  So a user can register with a name say 'guest_fred'.   However, if i, as admin, want to modify a username to something like 'guest_fred', that is recognized as a reserved name in the modify path.     Is there an option somewhere that i can tweak to allow this, or is this a defect?   

one way to pull it off is to use php include of a file that has the WP output you want to share to users, but also requires users to be logged using SMF logic... it becomes an If/Then situation, and uses call to whatever specific WP category posts from 'outside the loop'...

Using CSS file in both WP and SMF, you can display:none the div the WP post shows up in a specific category, only to inline css the same div on the php included file and showing it if users pass the 'user' challenge (they're logged in). 

it's a slippery slope to use trickery, but if you're in a pinch.....
I am a Turk and you have locked me in my Turkish position.
Keep them both open.
What is your problem?
People are looking for a solution.
You're blocking the subject.
If you don't know the subject, you are stopping information.
Converting to SMF / Re: XenForo --> SMF converter?
« Last post by landyvlad on Today at 09:22:35 AM »

and what would be the conversion process? Is there a converter available that would work?
Si dichas modificaciones hacen modificaciones/guardan informacion en la base de datos al momento de reinstarlos te los mostrara, de lo contrario quedara limpio en todo sentido.

Thank you for clarifying.  Duplicate topics in other language boards have been locked, so discussion will continue here.
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