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Norsk finnes nå fullt oversatt :

1) For SMF 2.1 som sådan i den ordinære nedlastingen,

2) For Gallery som del av mod:

3) For TinyPortal 2.0.0 på deres support-side:

4) For Event Registration Mod 0.19a, som del av modifikasjon som får den til å installere på SMF 2.1.  Den siste har jeg ikke fått laste opp ennå - ta kontakt om det er interesse.  Jeg synes den er genial for å kunne ha arrangement med regler, påmelding  og påmeldingsfrister.  (jeg biter ikke)
Modifications and Packages / Re: TinyPortal
« Last post by PoML on Today at 08:42:35 AM »
Then a request: I see that you have created your own translation to Norwegian for the TinyPortal language files. Would you be willing to share those with other users via the TinyPortal support site?

Sure - there are some duplicates in there, as you have done a thorough clean-up since the last version.
I have extended the language strings that I found without removing much, so it is not a translation that I am 100% sure will not have some glitches.

I have uploaded the files here :
(don't be scared by the subject - it seems that the thread on norwegian has been subject to several conversions of character set on your site between ISO8859 and UTF8 over the years since people requested norwegian the first time  :-D
I have a similar position, as run a fan forum but my number of posts has reduced recently.

Hope things work out for you and if need any input just ask.
Español (Spanish) / Re: Usuario que han dado ok a la GDPR
« Last post by Nacho27 on Today at 06:45:38 AM »
gracias Rock Lee, he revisado la tabla members y no lo encuentro
Graphics and Templates / Re: Need a help to change my icon
« Last post by adarshyadavraj7939 on Today at 06:43:07 AM »
Please defined how to do that.
Graphics and Templates / Re: Need a help to change my icon
« Last post by SychO on Today at 06:22:55 AM »
click the cogs button
Graphics and Templates / Need a help to change my icon
« Last post by adarshyadavraj7939 on Today at 06:17:41 AM »
I want to change the highlighted icon in my Nightbreeze theme.
Please help me.
Français (French) / Re: En route vers la 2.1 RC3
« Last post by bisane on Today at 04:27:00 AM »
J'ai à nouveau tout repris à 0... C'est beaucoup mieux !!!  >:( >:( >:(

J'ai réussi à passer le 1ère étape (le problème supposé lié à des fichiers de langue), et donc à lancer l'upgrade, et voici ce que j'obtiens :
Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '=' in xxxxx/Settings.php on line 100
SMF Coding Discussion / Adding Avatar / Altering Topc Starter Avatars
« Last post by 1.1Nerd on Today at 04:18:42 AM »

I'm looking for some coding help please in:

1. Dispaying Topic Starter Avatar in display.template.php

2. Dispaying an associated members avatar in index of recent posts / topic summy

3. How to change avatar image size in replies recent.template.php

Please see attached images.

Thank you for your thoughts
Bug Reports / SMF RC3 - Undefined_vars - notifyannouncements_unsubscribed
« Last post by Massl on Today at 03:47:55 AM »
Everytime a user tries to unsubscribe from email i get this error

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