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The forum always gives blank page, so I cannot access the forum and the SMF admin interface. No script modifications nor posts were made before it happened. The server support says it's all ok on their side and it's a php error.
I made a file restore with Filezilla (which may not include database) but still blank page. I have no way to list the mods (which I did not add/modify) because admin interface is not accessible.
Any possible solution besides reinstalling the forum and/or losing all posts and cofingurations? :-\
SMF 1.1.x Support / Re: Upgrade forum 1.1.20 to 2.x
« Last post by doug_ips on Today at 02:14:35 AM »
Remember JessyKa, as long as you have a backup, you can always roll back if things do not go as planned.

SMF 1.1.x Support / Re: Upgrade forum 1.1.20 to 2.x
« Last post by JessyKa on Today at 02:01:23 AM »
Thanks so much for your ideas and for sharing your own experiences.

@Sir Osis of Liver
I don't even know what that is  :)

What a success, good to hear! I certainly will spend some time with your tutorial, thank you!

Also thank you, this seems to be some straight forward schedule, we will try.

SSL kurulumu sonrası Pretty Url mesaj gönderme sorunu yaşıyorum.

Pretty Url'yi kapattığımda sorun yok. Bu seferde botlar gezemiyor. İndexlenen linkler çalışmıyor.

Konuda yanıtla dediğimde aşağıdaki hatayı veriyor;
Bu siteye ulaşılamıyor;last_msg=485 adresindeki web sayfası, geçici olarak kullanılamıyor veya kalıcı olarak yeni bir web adresine taşınmış olabilir.

Pretty ayarları bu şekilde;

Sürekli Pretty Url'yi kapalı da tutamayız. Bu sorunu nasıl çözebilirim, yardımcı olabilir misiniz?

Hosttaki yetkililer settings.php dosyasına aşağıdaki kodu eklemişler;

Code: [Select]

Demo Üyelik;
Kullanıcı Adı : demo
Şifre : demo
SMF 2.0.x Support / Problem with 2.0.15 upgrade package?
« Last post by Sir Osis of Liver on Today at 01:10:46 AM »
Just finishing up an especially difficult upgrade, and hit a glitch on what should have been the easy part.  Went from 1.1.12 -> 1.1.21 -> 2.0.1 -> 2.0.15.  When I uploaded 2.0.15 upgrade package and ran it, got the outdated files error.  Uploaded 2.0.15 install package, ran upgrade.php, upgrade successful.  Everything else was the same for both packages.  Have done a lot of upgrades, don't think I ever saw this before.
How did you export the tables when you saved the old site's db data? A default export using phpMyAdmin on my machine includes the AUTO_INCREMENT value at the end of the CREATE TABLE query. Is it present in yours?
Español (Spanish) / Re: Problemas con theme
« Last post by chronosig on Today at 01:00:06 AM »
Ya lo solucioné, restauré un backup que hice justo antes de hacer el cambio, pueden cerrar el tema.
Español (Spanish) / Problemas con theme
« Last post by chronosig on Today at 12:33:05 AM »
Buenas, les comento, yo tenía 3 themes instalados (el default, uno que compré en SMF Simple y otro que compré en otro lado), resulta que estaba usando el tercero y por lo tanto decidí eliminar en los temas el que compré en SMF Simple, al eliminarlo actualicé la página y me aparece esto

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting ']' in /home/URL/Themes/default/index.template.php on line 509

No puedo entender qué podría haber pasado, ni siquiera era el theme que estaba usando, tampoco es el default, cómo me puede haber perjudicado eso?
Feature Requests / Re: Navigation Menu
« Last post by vbgamer45 on Today at 12:21:11 AM »
I would check the theme site there might be a theme that has that layout.

Or you can use a portal mod from the mod site to setup a sidebar.
Thank you so much for your detailed support. I will definitely try mysqli.

I trully appreciate your help. Even if I have still not solved my upgrade issue, you really made my day  :D . Finally some hope after so long!
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