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SMF 2.0.x Support / SMF 2.0.15 mail query - scheduled task
« Last post by North East Man on Today at 05:57:57 AM »
Having just had my forum blocked by my hosting company - one of the inexperienced admin ticked a box to “announce” an event they had created which resulted in a mass email message going out to all members (1300).  Given my host imposed limit of 250 emails per hour, they pulled the plug this morning.

Although I had enabled the mail queue and set the limit per minute, that setting had been overridden to a higher number than the 250 per hour.

Having looked into this further, and seen posts in this forum about email sending being a scheduled task, I cannot see anywhere in my scheduled task list that email sending has an entry.  Does this mean that my emails are just being sent out as and when requested?  I do have mail queue enabled.
Español (Spanish) / Aumentar el ancho del Theme Reseller
« Last post by AppleCrazy on Today at 02:47:05 AM »
Que tal colegas

Llevo trabajando sobre el theme Reseller y he avanzado varias cosas, en este caso vengo a preguntar si alguien sabe como modificar el ancho del theme, es decir que todo el cuerpo cubra más hacia los lados ya que para mi es espacio que se puede aprovechar.

Theme Site Themes / Re: Splot
« Last post by GirlinGray on Today at 12:43:15 AM »
I tried installing this theme, pulling the file off the themes mod page, and got errors telling me the file is empty.
Español (Spanish) / Call to undefined function SaShop_Who() (SMF Shop)
« Last post by AppleCrazy on Yesterday at 11:01:48 PM »
Que tal colegas

Buen en esta ocasión tengo un problema con el MOD SMF Shop, lo he instalado y al entrar al panel administrativo del foro en general me tira el error "Call to undefined function SaShop_Who()" y no me deja acceder, antes tenia instalado el SA Shop de SMFTricks, alguien sabe como resolver este problema?

Imagen del error:

Auu šta će ti to :)

 Za djecu

Aha, kapiram.
Definitivno si omanuo forum, ali kad si već tu upozorenje da verovatno od pola tih snežnih čuda ima neki malware u sebi...
I also like

I use their LikeIPB theme with a couple custom modifications that they did for me.
SMF 2.0.x Support / How can I edit the main menu buttons?
« Last post by NexusXENU on Yesterday at 08:53:29 PM »

I'm looking for a way to edit the main menu buttons and adding new buttons. is there a mod for it?

Picture for explanation:

I've tinkered around with several on client forums, best one so far has been Mobile-Desktop.  The code's a bit unconventional, but once you figure it out it's not too difficult to customize.  Don't like the icon menu in Responsive Curve.  Can be fixed to display normal menu buttons, but there are other glitches, and it only works with default Curve.
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