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phpBB / php33 getting error while using converter
« Last post by hailstorm on Today at 02:30:25 PM »
Hello can someone please help me

I'm trying to convert using phpbb32 converter to convert phpbb33 to SMF 2.0.17

but i get this error

Sorry, the database connection information used in the specified installation of SMF cannot access the installation of phpBB3. This may either mean that the installation doesn't exist, or that the Database account used does not have permissions to access it.
The error that was received from the Database was: 1142

i've double checked and it's and it's got permission

any help on how to get around this or is there a php33 convert out?

kind regards,
You probably missed to give access to membergroups. Go to Admin/Member/Membergroups.../Edit Membergroups/
And now check Post count based groups first, every membergroup with more than 5 posts must have access ticked to that board;
Then go to the Regular groups which could be given if its your case.

Your problem is that you gave access only to that post based membergroup with 5 posts, while others are empty.
Easiest way to check it is go to the Admin/Forum/Boards.../Modify Boards/ and click on desired board. See who can access it. If this is somehow broken, then its some bug, but 99% is your lack of control over boards, or you do not understand how does the system work. You don't need another person to fix this for you, it is very simple.
Try yourself and let us know :)

Unless there is some known bug related with this, I don't see any reason why SMF core people would bother visiting and changing this for you instead of yourself.
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: Google and Bing Redirect
« Last post by Ricky. on Today at 02:00:18 PM »
Looks like your site has been compromised and they are using some referrer validation to show their site if user is visiting through search engine, this could be the reason that you are not seeing that drug site when you open it directly.
It could be problem more with server configuration, if it is mostly Yahoo and hotmail not receiving mail then SMF is not the culprit. If its SMF 2.x.x then turn on email queue and you can see what is being sent .

I already know about what is being sent - something like 25-30 notifications.  The problem is that number should be closer to 1200.  The absolute lowest number it should ever be is around 60.

First step is to determine exactly how bad the problem is.  So far, no one seems to have an answer why SMF (currently 2.0.17) is not sending, or even queueing those messages to be sent.

it's not random. I guarantee that there is a clear logic behind it...   and I'm betting it has to do with usergroups and permissions.

We could go back and forth with all sorts of questions.   However, I'd bet that 60 seconds viewing by someone who understands how groups and permissions interact would clear it up....

If you're willing, I actually have a bit of free time today and I'll take a look.
PM me your URL and an admin login/password (you should remove it or downgrade it after I'm done)
yes. IIRC, With 2.0.16, I believe users were required to log in again, because of a change to the security....   however, that should have resolved itself after one login.

However, since you are using the Core theme.... I bet that's your problem.  You did not apply the patch updates into the core theme files....
SMF 1.1.x Support / Re: Who can help?
« Last post by albin on Today at 01:29:02 PM »
you need to upgrade to SMF 2.0.* and your portal is no longer supported either.

your php version does not support the version of SMF you are using.
Thanks, I fixed it!
Shqip (Albanian) / Re: Kush mundet të më ndihmoj?
« Last post by albin on Today at 01:26:30 PM »
Hap me mire nje teme ne anglisht dhe vendose aty mesazhin e defektit qe te jep, se me siguri te japin ndihme me shpejt.
Flm. bëra postimin  në Forum ku japen sqarime për versionin 1.1.21 por nuk mora ndonjë përgjigje të sakt. Aty ,ë kishte dhënë një link ku kishet diskutime dhe gjeta kode ku i plotsova sipas udhëzimit dhe ia dola. Flm edhe njëherë Neoni.
Hi all!

Kind of a weird anomaly. I have a board that requires 5 posts to access. I've used this feature successfully on other forums, and seemingly so on this one.

It's a pretty minor board, only 11 topics in two years, but a recent development has made it important to access. Now I'm finding out that multiple qualified people can't access it, even given a link. Up to five people so far, and I've confirmed at least three of them are logged in. All have post counts well into the three figures.

It's completely random. And it's allowing new people. One new member used his fifth post to say he couldn't see it, and his next post was in it.

Any idea what I should be looking for?

Thanks for looking!
SMF 1.1.x Support / Re: Who can help?
« Last post by Illori on Today at 11:36:43 AM »
you need to upgrade to SMF 2.0.* and your portal is no longer supported either.

your php version does not support the version of SMF you are using.
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