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Hello!  Just a tiny tweak suggestion for the download system here (which,  BTW,  should be somehow released as an official SMF Mod (I've heard that would be quite the job,  but I digress)).

I can't count how many times I've been looking at the list of mods and went over to click the damn "download" icon only to remember that's just TELLING me the number of downloads.  That should be a clickable link to the download package section of that particular mod... and the one to the right of it showing the star (reviews)... that should also be a clickable link taking you to the review section of that particular mod.

Very tiny tweaks... adds loads of user friendliness.


Again... kickarce download system though.
SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: Issues with alerts
Last post by chadon - Today at 10:58:32 AM
Quote from: chadon on Today at 09:40:26 AMAhhhhhh!!! I received an alert for your "lets try".

I will try that on my forum. Thanks Aleksi.
I tried the same settings on my forum and I still don't receive any alert.
Modifications and Packages / Re: Thanks for SMF 2.1
Last post by gevv - Today at 10:55:37 AM
Thanks @GL700Wing  Adding code worked. It took a while, but it was installed and working without any problems.
SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: Issues with alerts
Last post by FrizzleFried - Today at 10:27:32 AM
FWIW... your "fix" for my forum "fixes" this issue as well.  Since I implemented that fix I have gotten exactly ZERO complaints on the matter.

Crazy,  huh?   That (fixed) behavior is EXACTLTY what my users were used to and expecting.

SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: Issues with alerts
Last post by FrizzleFried - Today at 10:22:47 AM
That is what I mean... my ALL ALERTS page has 2 entries ... total ... for likes on that post...

This is my ALL ALERTS page for yesterday.  There was one more that is not included on this image that fell below but had nothing to do with the post in question.  Note only TWO "likes" for that post.

SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: Issues with alerts
Last post by Arantor - Today at 10:11:26 AM
If you visited the topic in the meantime the alerts would have been marked as read because my little patch isn't installed here so visiting the topic marks them read automatically. Check your 'all alerts' page for them.
Feature Requests / Re: Theme picker ordered by na...
Last post by Arantor - Today at 10:10:35 AM
I'd have to go scratching about for that, I'm 50 themes in on my 1.1 test site and I don't know if there's a version of TP still about for 1.1. (And I know that SP's theme picker needs hacking to make it work the way I want, I remember this from last time)

But in any case, I can imagine several ways of grouping themes, and not one of them would be order of install; either by name or configurable by the admin to group them together by some other criteria. I could see ordering themes together by hue if you had a lot of themes, but if they were organised by name, that would let the admin do something with them if nothing else (since themes can be renamed by the admin)

For context: I'm rebuilding with screenshots of themes... the 50 themes I mentioned are just Bloc's 1.1 themes. That's before we get to Bloc's 2.0 themes, the entire DzinerStudio back catalogue or anything else. (I mostly keep it as a curated catalogue of themes for design inspiration.)
SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: Issues with alerts
Last post by FrizzleFried - Today at 10:06:32 AM
Oh,  and to add to the pile...

Yesterday I posted a post that got 7 likes during the day (that is what is reported on the post).

Any idea why in my ALL ALERTS section I only show... 2?

Seems ... wrong to me...