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Did you check the manual?

From what you describe, you'll probably want to create your database next, and then proceed to run the install.php file.
SMF 2.1.x Support / Free trial period prior to pai...
Last post by CraftyLion - Today at 02:21:21 AM
Is it possible to set up a free trial period for a fortnight before members have to pay?
Ok, assuming this is near enough the right section for this.

So I am currently trying to set up a Simple Machines Forum on OOOwebhost

I have downloaded SMF files onto my Computer and have both it as Zip file and unpacked files. I have transferred them to 000webhost under the public folder. I can't seem to make any headway from there in terms of getting SMF installed on the website.

I am using old You Tube videos to assist so they aren't up to date with the current way the 000webhost sure is exactly.

So does anyone know what to do or can suggest another way that is easy to set up a SMF Forum website?

As you can probably tell I am not that up on technical stuff when it comes to this sort of thing, apologies in advance on that, but it means I really need a straight forward relatively simple way of doing this.
Would not cause any major issues. Maybe with hostname lookups for banning but thats it.
SMF 2.0.x Support / Locked out, seriously locked ...
Last post by [o_o] - Yesterday at 10:11:22 PM
Hello. So my situation is as follow:

I am the sole owner and adm of the forum, that has being "abandoned" for years now.
I'm keeping it online as some pages has useful info that is visited.
I moved to a different host. I fixed the Settings.php. But some stuff still not working, I think i need to rebuild the DB. Anyway I need to administrate it.


I have no idea of admin's password. When I try to ask for a new password I get an error:

 "Acabou o tempo da sua sessão. Por favor volte a trás e tente outra vez."

That is Portuguese for  "Your session time is over, please go  back and try again"

Also the registration of new users is disabled (by me long time ago).

So I'm locked out! Can't even use "Administrate yourself" as I'd need to be logged in to do so.
Is there a way to get out this loop hole?

ps: This is a SMF 2.0.12 forum. I have full access to the server, DB and all.
QuoteYou should consider disabling commonly abused php functions, e.g.:
disable_functions = show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, popen, proc_open

Would disabling any of these likely cause problems for SMF?

Thank you very much
SMF 2.1.x Support / Re: quote function not working
Last post by live627 - Yesterday at 09:37:44 PM

have you checked for javascript errors in the browser's dev tools?
SMF Coding Discussion / Re: Adding a custom Time Forma...
Last post by Melonking - Yesterday at 08:56:29 PM
Quote from: Sesquipedalian on Yesterday at 07:50:52 PMHosting providers will probably continue to allow it for a few more years yet, but the writing is on the wall.
Don't worry I know; PHP 8 (Currently in 7.4 I think) is a switchover I plan to do and I think its worth putting in the time to update any custom code that needs it. Thankfully I run my forum on a VPS, so no one is gonna be forcing me to upgrade. Eventually, newer versions of Linux wont work with old PHP versions, and/or the security exploits in them will become impossible to ignore... but I'd still say that's 10 years away; that's a long haul - by then if I'm still around running a 2.0 forum will almost be as retro as running BBS is today :laugh:
SMF 1.1.x Support / Re: No access to forum after a...
Last post by Sir Osis of Liver - Yesterday at 08:14:53 PM
Quote from: ShoelessBruce on November 20, 2023, 12:30:45 PMThat User is me, I can be contacted by those who may be concerned by a PM here.

Bruce (Ratz)
[email protected]

Currently the forum is up and running in a reduced capacity.

Forum appears to be running normally.  Do you have admin, ftp, cpanel access?
SMF Coding Discussion / Re: Adding a custom Time Forma...
Last post by Sesquipedalian - Yesterday at 07:50:52 PM
Quote from: Melonking on Yesterday at 07:15:16 PMWhen it no longer proves to be viable

That will happen in the not too distant future. SMF 2.0 only works on PHP 8.0 and below, but PHP 8.0 has officially reached "End of Life" status. Hosting providers will probably continue to allow it for a few more years yet, but the writing is on the wall.