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Started by Grudge, August 12, 2006, 06:09:49 AM

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Jim R

Quote from: M3THOD on May 10, 2007, 01:15:24 PM
Hi tanks, its cool bro your right this pending issue with the date backdated to the 1970's happens to allot of people but in earlier versions this actually did do the dates correct but something went wrong, i dunno if it was that i upgraded php version that this made a difference but this would explain why this happens for some people and not others...
Grudge has issues getting this problem to happen to him to actually fix it i believe.

Lets hope that stuff you have looked into may give grudge a lil head start to finding a fix for this issue, as im sure this is the 1 major problem that has casued so much bad feedback for this mod.

But this def sounds like a php version glitch all i know is i am using the latest php 5 rc version
And this mod really is the best mod on SMF by far even with the problems i get i still love it.
Just having to manualy change all subscription heh.

It's been awhile since following this topic, and this isn't why I'm back here reading it.  There was a very simple change the file that communicated between PayPal and SMF--the ipn.php file.  I can't remember what it was, but it was something ridiculously simple.

It was like an extra   &   somewhere needed to be put in place. 

I may have even posted on here about it.  I'll look and get back here.

BTW...I'm here to second the request that the link in the Profile isn't being installed with the package.  Anyone figure that out?

Jim R usual, I'm doing the whole trial and error thing:

Regarding the Profile issue, I think it shows up ONLY after you set it up.  All I know is I didn't have a Subscription link in my Profile, but once I set up the subs, it was there.

Also, using v.18, the ending date issue isn't a problem right now.

Jim R

Quote from: WebWorm on March 10, 2007, 02:34:16 PM
I thought I had already uninstalled .15 before I uploaded the .18 upgrade, but hadn't. So after uploading the .18 upgrade, I'd get the following message when trying to click on any type of "profile" link:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare subscriptions() (previously declared in /home/username/public_html/mydomain/Sources/Profile.php:2910) in /home/username/public_html/mydomain/Sources/Profile.php on line 3083

So I went in and first uninstalled, then deleted 1.8 and 1.5...but I still show Paid Subscriptions as fully functional in the Admin panel, and after putting in a test subscription, everything went through just fine.

So even though Paid Subscriptions does NOT show up as one of my installed packages, it is still there, and functioning (seemingly) fine. But if I try to re-install either 1.5 or 1.8, I get the same fatal error listed above.

I'm an idiot - can someone tell me how to fix the situation so I can show Paid Subscriptions as an installed package and not get the error?

Possibly relevant info with attempted .18 install:

Installing this package will perform the following actions:
   Type    Action    Description
1.    Extract File    ./Sources/ManagePaid.php    
2.    Extract File    ./Themes/default/ManagePaid.template.php    
3.    Extract File    ./Themes/default/languages/ManagePaid.english.php    
4.    Extract File    ./subs/ipn.php    
5.    Extract File    ./subs/worldpay.php    
6.    Extract File    ./subs/paypal.php    
7.    Extract File    ./subs/nochex.php    
8.    Extract File    ./subs/2co.php    
9.    Extract File    ./subs/authorize.php    
10.    Execute Code    paidsubsdb.php    
11.    Execute Modification    ./index.php    Test successful
12.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Subs.php    Test successful
13.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Profile.php    Test successful
14.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/default/languages/Modifications.english.php    Test successful

I got this for you WebWorm...

It's printing the entirety of function subscriptions($memID) without deleting it on the previous uninstall.

First of all, back up Sources/Profile.php (call it something else)
Download from your server Sources/Profile.php

Find function subscriptions($memID)

You should find two of them.  I deleted the first of the two functions (all of the code contained in the function), which looks to be about 170 lines.

I assumed the second one printed was the one for v.18.

That cleared it up for me.


Biggest problem for me is not that it makes the date wrong.. i can handle that.. i just put it straight myself.. no the biggest problem is that if the user dosnt uncheck the recurring payment (wich is on by default?) then nothing is sent back to smf.. so only my mailbox will tell me if somebody paid some money.. and if they dont use the same email for paypal as they use on my forum then all i can do is wait for them to PM me about why they didnt change usergroup now that they paid..

Any help to fix this issue ?  Maybe a trick to make "Recurring Payment" Unchecked by default.. wich it really should be if you ask me  :)

Jim R

It's just me, but it seems to me it would have to be the same email address.


Quote from: Jim R on June 03, 2007, 02:52:15 PM
It's just me, but it seems to me it would have to be the same email address.

I dont think it has anything to do with the email ? Is that your experience ?

I just noticed that every time the member dont uncheck "Recurring Payments" the forum act like nothing happend.. and only the email from paypal will let me know that i have been paid :/

Jim R

My fault I misunderstood.  I'm testing .18 right now, and it's working just fine for using recurring payments.  That includes emails.


I am using the same and it does not work fine ! Now again i ask if somebody can help me uncheck recurring payments by default.. this cant be that har to do can it really ??

Edit: I found the solution to uncheck the box  :)

   Checked is a boolean property; it is either true or false.  In
Javascript (or in HTML), if you set checked="anything", it is true.  To
*not* have the button/box checked, you just don't add the checked
attribute at all.

So now i will only get the problem if people check the box  :D


Is there any way to tell what version of paidsub I have installed, from inside the files?  I ask because I seem to have manually installed it, quite a while ago, so I can't simply uninstall the package.
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QuoteHi all,

I have this up and seems to be running fine if I use USD as the currency. The problem I have is that I cant select GBP from the dropdown menu and get it to work. Once selected and saved, I go into view subscriptions in the admin and I get the message: -

An Error Has Occurred!
You have not setup your currency yet. Please do so from the settings menu before continuing

I think that the issue may be in the drop down currency selector, see attached image - it shows: -

USD ($)
GBP (?)
EURO (?)

...using question marks instead of the currency symbols?

Can anyone help, if I can solve this then I'm up and running ;)



Can anybody help?



Busy RewindBikers offered to Good Home! 1000+ members, loads of mods, SMF Gallery PRO, TinyPortal installed with great use of blocks, ultimate profiles, PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS (works flawlessly), great theme, 1,500 posts per month - PM or email me if interested.


Ok I got this installed on my site fine and it is working great. The problem is I was trying to install it on somone elses forum and it was fine yesrterday then he told me it wasnt there today.

It is there but it is not showing a link in the admin section to set up the paid subscriptions.

Help please :)


Would anyone else be interested in adding functionality to control by membergroup what subscriptions are visible/available?

An example of why this is useful: if you have members who have been on your site a long time and so you want to give them a discount on pay services, you can check if they belong to a certain post-count group and then only allow them to see the discounted purchase link if they have a certain number of posts. This also allows you to use the subscriptions system for general member group expiration. Your mods can have access to assigning people a subscription that is not visible to the general public. Use this with $0 cost to assign special time-based permissions to anyone.

For my purposes such an adjustment would be extremely useful. It would be nice to have a bunch of check boxes to set which membergroups can access, but a simple text field with comma separated member group names or even ID #'s would be fine too. As long as I can control visibility/access to each subscription individually by member group I'll be one happy camper!

I am willing to pay to have this implemented. I have been unable to get ahold of the original developer (Grudge) to see if he has time to do it. Any other coders who are interested please contact me directly to discuss the adjustments.

- Oshyan


cant you just put charter members in agroup based on posts??

like when people get charter on my site, i put them in the charter group, this giving them more access..

just make a discounted price based on posts..


The problem is that everyone can see *all* subscriptions at *all* times. So if you want to provide a discounted price to anyone it can't be through the regular subscription system, otherwise everyone would have access. The whole idea of this change would be to control who can see and sign up to each subscription.

- Oshyan


i filled out the paypal system and i got this e-mail error when someone tried to but failed to sign up.:
An error occured whilst attempting to do a paid subscription. The error is shown
Unknown transaction type in ipn.php

whats a signature without text, WOOT!


Ok, is this mod still being developed / supported?
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Grudge is busy wrking on Smf 2.0 i reckon :) and life commitments...

But im sure hes aware of the date problem being more common for most users after install..
And maybe he will add google checkout :)

This is one of the mos popular mods im sure :)


I must be doing something wrong, When people pay for the subscription it does not put them in a user group I wanted. Also is it suppose to remove them from the usergroup if they cancel their subscriptions?

Tony Reid

Quote from: 5cakids on June 27, 2007, 12:54:18 PM
I must be doing something wrong, When people pay for the subscription it does not put them in a user group I wanted. Also is it suppose to remove them from the usergroup if they cancel their subscriptions?

Make sure your callback url is set in paypal (or your payment processor)
Tony Reid


Ok wil
Quote from: Tony on June 27, 2007, 01:36:38 PM
Quote from: 5cakids on June 27, 2007, 12:54:18 PM
I must be doing something wrong, When people pay for the subscription it does not put them in a user group I wanted. Also is it suppose to remove them from the usergroup if they cancel their subscriptions?

Make sure your callback url is set in paypal (or your payment processor)
l make sure, the call back url will just be my site right?