google banner making tables screwed seems to get worse?

Started by Spaceman-Spiff, September 05, 2003, 11:29:55 AM

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i know that u guys know about this issue already, but today, i feel its getting worse for some reason
out of about 20+ pages that i viewed this morning, at least 7 of them are screwed
it used to happen like only 1% of all the pages that i open
was there any code change? is it just me or others get this too?

PS: this probably doesnt show in IE

Jeff Lewis

We had to put the original code back in and are working with Google to fix this.
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They got mad at me for mostly fixing it.  Only because you're apparently not supposed to change their buggy code.

I'm not very happy with Google right now, sorry.  I think their ad stuff sucks.


Jeff Lewis

Their "testing" apparently didn't manage to duplicate the error either...
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Joshua Dickerson

Heh, if all of these people say that something is wrong. Obviously something is wrong ::)
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It happens on every page for me now but if you reload the page it seems to fix it. That gets annoying though.


Quote from: Gobalopper on September 06, 2003, 02:29:12 AM
It happens on every page for me now but if you reload the page it seems to fix it. That gets annoying though.

That's because on reload it gives the lewis media banner, which isn't bad.

Sorry, go complain to Google.  Their email address is [email protected].



Did you already try to put the ads code into an own hidden table of fixed width?

Andrea Hubacher
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The problem is that it is using invalid code (<img src= height=8>) and this is screwing Mozilla up.  I've already tried changing the template in many ways and it did no good....



Why not change the template to use two tables? One at the top for the ad banner/logo and another for the sidebar and forum.

Daniel D.


I use IE so it's not a problem! ;D

BUT I test in Mozilla and it does have a problem with it and I think of all the sites Goggle should Listen and conform to W3 standards! ::)

I made a simple HTML page and tried to validate it and the image doesn't validate as xhtml and it messes with /html end tag...

now in kindergarten HTML 2.0 it validates! ;D
it starts messing up at HTML 4.01.  Goggle hires losers to do there coding. ::)

maybe someone should inform the there is a cool site in there search engine database  8)

<title>Google test</title>
<img src= height=8>

Daniel D.

I'll write to google about this problem - don't know how long it takes for the answer.

Alexandre P.

maybe it could help if the banner ad was a long vertical rectangle (like on Sourceforge) instead of an horizontal banner (like it is now) ?
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Quote from: bostasp on September 07, 2003, 03:56:09 PM
do we have to have it?

<div style="visibility: hidden;><!--googlebar-->google my w3c page dudes</div> :P


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Omar Bazavilvazo

that %&/%$&/( banner screws my mozilla browser VERY often now :(

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