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[SMF Converter] phpBB - 2.0.19+

Started by JayBachatero, January 13, 2007, 02:47:08 AM

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I'm trying to convert from phpBB2 to SMF 1.8. Everything is set up correct and the user stuff converts well. Getting following error of which I have no idea what it means.

Help please.

Converting ranks... Successful.
Converting groups... Successful.
Converting members... Successful.
Converting additional member groups... Successful.
Converting categories... Unsuccessful!
This query:
INSERT INTO `vstrom1_smf`.smf_categories
(ID_CAT, name, catOrder)
VALUES ('922', 'Technical Area', '20'),
('923', 'Non-Technical & Miscellaneous', '30'),
('924', 'Top Cat', '10');
Caused the error:

Duplicate entry '255' for key 1


SMF has by default a maximum value of 255 for the categerories.. your phpBB has a category with IDs higher than 255. This should help:


Thanks for reply. I down loaded both category & board ID fixers.

Do these two php's run from the SMF directory?

This is a two way conversion. First from Rapidforum to phpBB2 and then to SMF. We are currently doing another from Rapidforum tiring to fix a few things, so have to put this on hold for the moment. But would like to leave this topic open.



Question from above: Where do I run these scripts form? Guessing phpBB2 folder since they should be modifying the phpBB2 db.

Been doing a little db browsing. What do these scripts do with inner relationships?

The board_ID's refer to the Category_ID's.
The Threads & posts table refer to the board-ID.

If I run the recount_category first does it also fix the new cat ID's in the boards?

If I run the recount_board does it fix the Thread & post with new board ID's.

I have ID numbers higher than 255 in all categories & some boards.


place both scripts (fix categories and fix_boards) to your smf directory, run both (only the first step), then convert your forum and run from both the second step.


OK, I have a backup so I'll try.



I did the first step in recount_categories.php and got this:

Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/vstrom1/public_html/Smf/recount_categories.php on line 375

Warning: mysql_free_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/vstrom1/public_html/Smf/recount_categories.php on line 401

Cat ID's did not change.


ok, I think the scripts are for SMF 2.0RC1. I found some older versions, please try it:


That did it & we got it.

Thanks much for your help.


PS I'll be sending a donation soon.  :)



Hi, TE I have converted my forum (again) and now I can't the the box of login at the bottom of page.
I have also an error, there is a jellow triangle on the left tell me "access denied.


any errors during the conversion? can you post the error or attach a screenshot please?


No, no sorry, the conversion, is good. But now I can't see the box of login on the bottom.
And I have another error "access denied" on popup.
But now I think I have to ask not here, I have did some mod and something is wrong.


yes, you should ask for support in our Support / Theme boards. this is a java-script error and is related to a modification or a bug in your theme.


Would the author PLEASE amend his first post to make a comment stating that one MUST BE LOGGED IN to see the attachment? I just wasted a lot of time reading through 20 pages of posts looking for the attached files in this thread before trying to download a file from a link and getting the message that one has to be logged in to see and download files!
After logging in, I could (FINALLY) see the attached file in the first thread! Before that I was going round and round following the links and only getting frustrated. I remember reading several other posts where people had a problem finding the attached files. I bet they were not logged in either. So please post it up in big coloured letters so it won't be missed. Thanks.
When you change the way you look at things, the things you see are different.


This file and many others have been updated to our downloads page :) Our downloads page does not require you to be logged in to download files.
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Quote from: SleePy on August 04, 2007, 01:33:51 PM
Well that shouldn't be happening but it appears some reason that the converter can't find its group thus returning null

u.user_posts AS posts, IF(u.user_level = 1, 1, mg.ID_GROUP) AS ID_GROUP,

u.user_posts AS posts, IF(u.user_level = 1, 1, if(NULL, 0, mg.ID_GROUP)) AS ID_GROUP,

That should fix it hopefully.

I used something similar:

u.user_posts AS posts, IF(u.user_level = 1, 1, IFNULL(mg.ID_GROUP, 0)) AS ID_GROUP,

phpBB: 2.0.22
SMF: 1.1.8
mySQL: 5.1.32

Wouldn't it make sense to include this workaround officially in the converter?



This change was made in our sources. It will be updated on the download page on the next release of 1.1.
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Ok, thank you for the information.  :)


Pretty cool set of resources...thanks